Lies of P Gameplay Showcases Boss Fights in Extended Video

Lies of P Boss Fight Showcase and Teaser: A Glimpse into the Action-Packed World of Pinocchio-inspired Soulslike RPG

Prepare for an epic journey as Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio gear up for the release of Lies of P, a captivating and innovative Pinocchio-inspired soulslike action RPG. Set to launch on September 19 for PC and consoles, Lies of P has recently delighted fans with an exciting boss fight gameplay showcase that offers a taste of the intense action and diverse enemy encounters that await players.

Lies of P: A Sneak Peek at the Boss Fights

In a thrilling six-minute video, players are treated to a series of fast-paced combat encounters, showcasing various weapons and abilities at their disposal. The protagonist, Pinocchio, faces off against an armored automaton equipped with two formidable metal shields. When traditional sword attacks prove ineffective, Pinocchio seamlessly switches to an electric weapon, delivering a stunning blow with an electric blast from his arm that lowers the machine’s defenses.

Next, Pinocchio goes head-to-head with a towering root monster, reminiscent of the challenging enemies found in From Software games. Skillful dodge rolling, a tactic familiar to fans of the Dark Souls series, still plays a crucial role in Lies of P. The video also showcases Pinocchio battling a group of soldier automatons before being knocked to the ground by a colossal clown robot. Fans are further treated to glimpses of a deformed creature lurking in a flooded cellar, a hulking beast roaming a crumbling building, a towering sword wielder, and a massive muscular mutant. The showcase climaxes with a heart-pounding showdown against a colossal automaton within the fiery confines of an opera house.

While the video does not provide an uninterrupted look at any specific boss fight, it undeniably sheds light on the incredible variety of enemies players can expect to encounter in Lies of P.

Alongside the boss fight showcase, developers also unveiled the launch teaser trailer for Lies of P. Although a mere 15 seconds in duration, this ad offers a tantalizing glimpse into the immersive world and thrilling gameplay that Lies of P has in store for fans when it officially launches next week.