Pokémon’s new shows are more interesting than ever now that Ash is gone


The world of Pokémon animation has evolved and expanded over the years, becoming one of the most diverse pillars of the franchise. While it used to primarily serve as an introduction or alternative to the games, Pokémon animation now caters to a wide range of fans and has its own unique storytelling opportunities.

Pokémon Animation beyond Ash

Throughout its 25-year existence, Pokémon animation has gone beyond the story of Ash Ketchum. There have been various series and miniseries that have explored different aspects of the Pokémon universe. For example, “Twilight Wings” and “Paldean Winds” take place in the world of the games and feature both familiar and original characters.

Direct Adaptations and Untold Stories

Pokémon animation has also delved into direct adaptations of the games, such as “Pokémon Origins” and “Pokémon Generations.” These miniseries provide a deeper look into the game narratives and offer fans an animated experience of the Pokémon world they’ve theorized about for years.

Evolutions and Pokétoon

Series like “Evolutions” and “Pokétoon” cater to both longtime fans and newcomers. They showcase various animation styles and offer unique stories that don’t necessarily require prior knowledge of the games. These series allow fans to immerse themselves in the fully formed world of Pokémon.

Ash Ketchum’s Farewell

While Ash Ketchum’s journey is coming to an end in the main anime series, his final episodes offer a relaxed and low-key storytelling experience. These episodes provide a comfortable victory lap for long-time fans and remind them of the episodic adventures from the late ’90s.

Transitioning to 3D Games

The Pokémon games have also undergone a transition to fully 3D and open-world experiences. This transition has come with its own challenges and glitches, but it shows that the games are evolving and aiming for perfection.

A Diverse Spectrum of Pokémon Animation

Pokémon animation now offers a wider spectrum of opportunities for its audience. It values both veterans and newcomers, embracing the idea that everyone lives in a Pokémon world. The animation has become its own distinct entity, no longer defined solely by one character or its differences from the games.