Starfield’s next major update will add Nvidia DLSS

Bethesda Announces Official Nvidia DLSS Support for Starfield

Bethesda has revealed its plans to introduce official Nvidia DLSS support for Starfield.

In a recent tweet, Bethesda expressed its gratitude for the positive reception of its latest RPG and acknowledged the feedback from fans regarding potential improvements and additional features for the game.

“This is a game we’ll be supporting for years and years to come, so please keep all the feedback coming,” Bethesda stated. The company also emphasized its willingness to implement requested features in the future, even if they cannot be added immediately, such as city maps.

The studio’s initial priority is to address critical bugs and stability issues, as well as incorporate quality-of-life enhancements that numerous players have been requesting. Bethesda intends to release a small hotfix for Xbox Series X|S stability before proceeding with regular updates featuring various community-requested improvements.

These updates will include the long-awaited Nvidia DLSS support for PC, an HDR Calibration Menu, FOV Slider, 32:9 Ultrawide Monitor Support for PC, Brightness and Contrast controls, and an “Eat” button for food to streamline gameplay without the need to continuously access the inventory menu.

When Starfield initially launched, DLSS support was not included, leading players to resort to modding to integrate DLSS and enhance game performance. However, Bethesda revealed that it is actively collaborating with Nvidia, AMD, and Intel to ensure robust driver support, with each update aiming to provide stability and performance improvements.

Furthermore, Bethesda’s recent announcement expanded on previous news about Starfield’s official mod support, offering players an “early” 2024 release window. This mod support will be available across PC and consoles, following a similar approach to what Bethesda implemented for Skyrim and Fallout 4.

While awaiting the official DLSS support, players can boost their game’s performance by downloading the latest Nvidia graphics driver update.

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