Where to find Hopetown in Starfield

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Where to Find Hopetown in Starfield: A Guide

In the vast world of Starfield, you’ll have the opportunity to explore multiple galaxies and pilot a variety of ships. Among the countless shipyards operated by manufacturers, one stands out – HopeTech. Located in a small city named after its founder, Hopetown is renowned for producing top-of-the-line vessels and ship parts. If you’re wondering where to find Hopetown in Starfield, look no further! Here’s everything you need to know.

The Home of HopeTech: Planet Polvo in the Valo System

Hopetown is the brainchild of Ron Hope, and it’s located on the planet Polvo in the Valo system. This is where the prestigious HopeTech shipyard is situated, producing highly coveted ships and ship parts. You may stumble upon this planet during your own exploration and find intriguing activities to engage in, or you may visit multiple times while working alongside the Freestar Collective Rangers faction.

Starfield Valo System Showing On Starmap Next To Narion

Screenshot: PC Invasion

When you consult the Starmap in Starfield, you might not immediately spot the Valo system. Instead, you’ll see the name Narion displayed nearby. However, Narion is in close proximity to the starting point of the game – the Alpha Centauri system. To find the Valo system, simply hover your cursor over Narion, confirm your selection with a button press, and then choose Valo from the list of available systems. Once inside Valo, you’ll notice Polvo positioned to the left of the radiant sun. The planet is marked with the usual icon indicating the presence of a significant settlement.

Explore Hopetown and Enjoy Its Attractions

Hopetown has several attractions waiting for you to discover. Most of the location’s NPCs can be found within the main HopeTech building, although some may be stationed outside or in adjoining areas. Upon fast travel, you’ll encounter a Ship Services Technician who can offer you a range of impressive ships for purchase, provided you have enough credits. Additionally, you can browse and buy HopeTech ship parts to enhance your own Ship Builder creations. Before leaving, be sure to thoroughly explore all that Hopetown has to offer.

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