Best perks in MythForce and which to upgrade

Choosing the Best Perks in MythForce for Optimal Gameplay

When playing MythForce, selecting the right perks is crucial to ensure a successful and enjoyable gaming experience. Whether your playstyle leans towards sorcery, melee combat, or using ranged weapons like bows and arrows, certain perks stand out among the rest and are worth prioritizing for upgrades. In this article, we will discuss the top-performing perks in MythForce that can enhance your damage output, utility, and survivability.

Identifying the Best Perks for Each Character

While certain perks may be more advantageous for specific characters, the ones mentioned below generally prove to be the most valuable across all episodes. It is highly recommended to invest your in-game gold to upgrade these perks at The Conclave when facing challenges in completing an episode or progressing to higher difficulty levels.

Image: PC Invasion

Thrill of the Fight

In the world of MythForce, utilizing Energy Points (EP) is crucial for various actions, and it’s easy to find yourself drained and unable to attack or evade. The Thrill of the Fight perk increases your EP by 1% to 5% for every enemy you slay. I have personally found this to be the most effective perk in MythForce.

Acquiring the Thrill of the Fight perk as early as possible is highly recommended, as it allows you to steadily increase your EP reserves while progressing through the different rooms of an episode. Remember to utilize rerolls if luck isn’t on your side at the beginning of a run.

Combat Veteran

The Combat Veteran perk grants you additional HP for every three enemies you defeat, up to a maximum of +12 HP per elimination. This perk holds immense potential, especially when obtained early in the game, as it substantially boosts your character’s overall HP. Notably, it proves particularly beneficial for Victoria, empowering her to absorb more damage on behalf of the group.

Rallying Speech

If you’re venturing through the dungeons of MythForce as part of a group, the Rallying Speech perk is an excellent choice. By enhancing your entire team’s stats by up to an impressive 20%, selecting this perk is a no-brainer. Since it begins at a 5% boost, we highly recommend investing in upgrading it as much as possible.

Still Standing

The Still Standing perk, especially when brought to higher tiers, becomes practically essential for tackling the game’s more challenging difficulties. At Tier 4, it provides passive HP regeneration of a staggering 90% maximum HP. With the scarcity of potions in MythForce, this perk has come to my rescue on numerous occasions.

Razor’s Edge

During intense encounters, Razor’s Edge can prove invaluable by increasing your damage output when your health is low. If you feel confident in your abilities, deliberately keeping your health at a minimum can provide a permanent damage boost. However, it’s always wise to keep a potion handy, just in case.


Painsmith is a perk that significantly augments the effectiveness of damage-over-time attacks. This benefit applies to elemental effects such as Ignited, Poison, Electrified, and Bleed. If your weapon possesses one of these enchantments, this perk can contribute substantial extra damage. While your weapon can only be enchanted with one elemental effect at a time, utilizing bleed won’t remove existing or future effects.

Did you know that MythForce incorporates voice lines and emotes for player communication? To learn more about effectively communicating with others in the game, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide. Stay alert and embark on thrilling adventures!

MythForce is available for purchase on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.