Why Is Watchdog Ship Inaccessible in Starfield? Answered

Watchdog Ship Inaccessible in Starfield: Here’s Why and How to Fix It

Starfield players may have encountered the Watchdog Ship, one of the inaccessible and unusable ships in Bethesda’s space epic. But why is it inaccessible? Let’s find out.

Watchdog Ship Inaccessible in Starfield Fixes

The Watchdog Ship in Starfield is only used as a story element during the Freestar Rangers’ Deputized mission. Regardless of your rank in Piloting or Starship Design, you won’t be able to interact with it. It’s designed this way to serve a specific purpose in the game.

Screenshot by Twinfinite via Bethesda Game Studios

In addition to the Watchdog Ship, there are other inaccessible ships like the Discovery and Hulker in the Cheyenne system’s Montara Luna. These ships are intentionally locked to prevent players from accessing overpowered vessels during the early stages of the game. To gain access to more ships, players need to progress further in the campaign or explore the game world.

If you’re still determined to get the Watchdog Ship, there is a possibility of obtaining it through a vendor. However, it requires a significant amount of in-game currency. Check out our guide on How to Earn Credits Fast to speed up the process.

How to Get Watchdog Ship in Starfield

To acquire different variations of the Watchdog ship, players can purchase them from the Ship Services Technician. For example, the Watchdog II can be bought in Akila City for 80,279 credits. Keep in mind that the availability of the ship may vary, so you might need to check back later for it to spawn.

Watchdog II in Starfield
Image Source: Bethesda Game Studios via Twinfinite

To unlock more versions of the Watchdog ship, you may need to reach the maximum rank of the Piloting skill. Increasing your character level can also earn you more XP, which may unlock additional inventory and events in the game.

That concludes our explanation of why the Watchdog Ship is inaccessible in Starfield. If you’re looking for more answers to other in-game mysteries or want to know the best ships to buy, check out our related articles below.

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