All Earth landmarks you can visit in Starfield

While exploring the vast universe of Starfield, players have the opportunity to visit Earth and witness the remnants of iconic landmarks. However, finding these landmarks is not as simple as landing in their physical locations. Instead, players must unlock them by discovering and reading specific books within the game. This article provides a detailed guide on how to unlock all the known Earth landmarks in Starfield.

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Unlocking Earth Landmarks: A Step-by-Step Guide

In Starfield, it appears that there are currently 10 Earth landmarks waiting to be discovered. However, players must seek out and read specific books in order to unlock these landmarks, as they cannot be accessed directly from their physical locations on Earth. The following table provides information on each landmark and its associated book:

LandmarkBookBook Location
London (The Shard)Oliver TwistSinclair’s Books in Akila City.
Cairo (The Pyramids)The Ancient civilizations of EgyptSinclair’s Books in Akila City.
New York (The Empire State Building)Our Lost HeritageUC President Abello’s office in the MAST Tower in New Atlantis.
Saint Louis (The Gateway Arch)Price of DestinyAstral Lounge owner Benjamin Bayu’s penthouse. Pickpocket the key from him.
China (The Shanghai Tower)Essentials of Modern MacroeconomicsIn the second-floor classroom aboard the ship orbiting Porimma II.
Hong Kong (The International Commerce Center)Maurice’s journalNew Homestead Museum proprietor found on Titan in the Sol system.
Dubai (The Burj Khalifa)Race to the HeavensIn the VIP room of the Siren of the Stars space ship which is accessed through the UC Vanguard faction missions.
Osaka (Abeno Harukas)Diary of Kyosuke Nagata at the Lock PrisonDelgato’s office in The Key after progressing through the Crimson Fleet missions.
Los Angeles (US Bank Tower)Hope Family TreeRon Hope’s office in Hopetown.
NASA Launch TowerN/AProgress through the Unearthed campaign mission.

These are the currently known Earth landmarks in Starfield. However, given the vastness of the game world and the abundance of books and space, it is possible that there are more awaiting discovery. For those dedicated to unearthing more thrilling finds, I highly recommend checking our guide on where to find the Deimos shipyard.