Playtika set to acquire Innplay Labs for up to $300 million | Pocket

Playtika Announces Acquisition of Innplay Labs

Playtika, a leading game developer, has revealed its plans to acquire Israeli game maker Innplay Labs for up to $300 million, with an $80 million upfront fee. This acquisition is Playtika’s second in the current quarter, following the purchase of Youda Games in July. The structure of the acquisition is similar, with an initial purchase price and a potential bonus based on set financial targets for Innplay Labs.

Playtika CEO Robert Antokol expressed excitement about the strategic expansion of the company’s portfolio with the addition of Innplay Labs. He believes that the combination of Playtika’s expertise and Innplay’s talented team will lead to exceptional gaming experiences for players.

The acquisition of Innplay Labs is expected to help Playtika enter the luck battle genre and utilize its existing live-ops capabilities to drive growth for its subsidiary.

Positive Outlook for Innplay Labs

Innplay Labs CEO Ore Gilron spoke highly of the company’s goals and accomplishments, stating that Innplay Labs was formed with the intention of shaping the next generation of mobile gaming. With a dedicated team of skilled game operators, Innplay Labs has created an outstanding game product that provides users with a uniquely entertaining gaming experience. Gilron believes that joining Playtika’s strong portfolio of casual titles will propel Innplay Labs to new heights.

Following the acquisition, both Innplay Labs and its hit title “Animals & Coins” will be rebranded.

The founder of Innplay investor Vgames, Eitan Reisel, expressed his satisfaction with the deal, seeing it as a significant milestone in advancing the gaming ecosystem. Reisel praised Innplay’s incredible talent, focus, and rapid growth, and looks forward to the collaboration with Playtika.

Note: Playtika was listed as one of the top 50 mobile game makers of 2023.