Spider-Man 2 Features Over 65 Suits And More Details From State Of Play

Spider-Man 2 Details Revealed during State of Play

In today’s State of Play, creative director Bryan Intihar provided new details about Spider-Man 2. During the gameplay presentation, Intihar shared a list of exciting updates for the upcoming game. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The city has expanded and is now twice as large as before.
  • Web wings, previously seen in the franchise, enable faster traversal for both Parker and Morales.
  • Players can now explore iconic locations, such as Peter Parker’s old high-school and Miles Morales’ Visions Academy.
  • Switching between Parker Spider-Man and Morales Spider-Man will be seamless and instantaneous.
  • Improved U.I. options and visually engaging tasks aim to minimize players’ reliance on menus.

Additional details revealed for Spider-Man 2 include:

  • Parker and Morales will have access to a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man app.
  • Requests for Spider-Man’s assistance will come from various individuals, some specifically requesting a certain Spider-Man, while others simply seek help.
  • A new fast-travel system has been implemented to enhance the gameplay experience.
  • Players will have the opportunity to unlock and wear over 65 different suits in the game.

Spider-Man 2 is set to release on October 20 exclusively for the PlayStation 5. Stay tuned to our website for more exciting updates on the game, including hands-on impressions.