Where to get the High-Tensile Spidroin in Starfield

Where to Find the High-Tensile Spidroin in Starfield

Surviving life in the galaxy can prove difficult in Starfield, but you can make it easier by crafting yourself all sorts of tools and equipment. You just need to find the right resources, including the High-Tensile Spidroin. To help with that effort, here is our guide letting you know where to get the High-Tensile Spidroin in Starfield.

Starfield – Where to Get the High-Tensile Spidroin

You’ll need to use High-Tensile Spidroin to add the Heavy Shielding mod to eligible spacesuits, among other purposes. Unfortunately, it’s one of the rarer materials in the game, particularly during the early going. To get the High-Tensile Spidroin, you must harvest it or purchase it from certain vendors.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

To harvest High-Tensile Spidroin, find a planet with organics and the Frozen Mountains biome. With both conditions met, you can look around to find the Frigid Palm, from which you can harvest the desired resource. One planet that meets those requirements is Linnaeus II in the Linnaeus system. It’s located not far to the right from Alpha Centauri on the Starmap. Unfortunately, you have to access it by way of the Nikola system. The distance is substantial. Depending on your ship, you will likely need to upgrade your Gravity Drive and power it up fully. I got there by unlocking the Astrodynamics skill.

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You can try buying the High-Tensile Spidroin from a vendor, if you prefer. The most convenient option is UC Distribution in New Atlantis, which typically carries a few at a time. I check that shop first any time I’m looking for a resource. A less dependable option is to check Civilian Outpost locations on the various planets. Their goods vary wildly, and you might just get lucky. However, I haven’t done well at any other shops I’ve checked throughout the galaxy. High-Tensile Spidroin is a rare resource.

Starfield is available to purchase on Steam and the Microsoft Store.