Destiny 2 players will shortly be banned from equipping crafted weapons

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Destiny 2 Developer Plans Temporary Disablement of Crafted Weapons to Address Glitch

Developer Bungie has announced its intention to temporarily disable the use of crafted weapons in the popular game Destiny 2. The decision comes in response to an in-game glitch that allows players to equip Legendary guns with Exotic traits, which disrupts the game’s balance. Bungie has confirmed that it is actively working on two fixes to resolve the issue.

Disabling Crafted Weapons and Resetting “Illegal” Weapons

Bungie’s first step in addressing this issue is implementing a server-side update that will prevent players from equipping any crafted weapons. Following this, the development team plans to reset the “illegal” weapons back to their default state.

Bungie has also assured players that the Trials of Osiris game mode will not be disabled due to this glitch, and there are no plans for a game rollback.

Upcoming Fixes and Future Re-enablement

Bungie has stated that the server-side update is expected to be deployed within the next 24 hours. During this time, players will still have the ability to craft weapons, but they will be unable to equip them in the game. Bungie has not provided a specific timeline for when crafted weapons will be re-enabled, but they aim to do so shortly after implementing the first fix.

Exploits and Ban Policy

The studio has made it clear that players who discover in-game exploits will not face bans or in-game restrictions. However, the use of external scripting and network manipulation tools remains a bannable offense and is subject to security review.

Promise of a Free PvP Map

Bungie’s game director Joe Blackburn recently apologized to Destiny 2 players after a negative response to a State of the Game post. In the post, Bungie initially stated that they didn’t have the resources to release more than one PvP map per year. As a remedy, Blackburn promised the community a free PvP map in the coming year.

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