Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4) – Austria-Hungary Strategy Guide

How to Form Austria-Hungary in HOI4

General Strategy for Austria-Hungary in HOI4

After the devastating effects of the First World War, the Austro-Hungarian Empire saw its power diminish significantly. However, in Hearts of Iron 4, Paradox Interactive has introduced a special focus tree path for Hungary, allowing players to reform the great Austria-Hungary and reclaim their historical territories. In this guide, we will show you how to form Austria-Hungary as Hungary in HOI4 and how to successfully navigate the challenges of defeating the Comintern and the Axis.

Table of Contents

  • General Strategy for Austria-Hungary in HOI4
  • How to Form Austria-Hungary in HOI4
  • Military and Civilian Production
  • Road to Austria-Hungary
  • How to Conquer Austria
  • How to Win Referendum 100%
  • Austria-Hungary Strategy to Restore the Empire

How to Form Austria-Hungary in HOI4

If you want to form Austria-Hungary as Hungary in HOI4, it is crucial to prioritize rebuilding your army and industry before attempting any territorial expansions. The clock is ticking, as Germany is preparing for the Anschluss, so it is essential to act swiftly and strategically. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to form Austria-Hungary:

  1. Rush the Bled Agreement focus to recruit a larger army and increase your Economy Laws.
  2. Choose the Secret Rearmament and War Games focuses to enhance your military capabilities.
  3. Change your Economy Law to Partial Mobilization using your accumulated Political Power.
  4. Complete the Demand a Referendum focus swiftly to annex Austria before Germany does.
  5. Focus on building Infantry Equipment and Support Equipment for your army.
  6. Invest in Civilian Factories and improve your railway infrastructure.
  7. Start producing Trucks, Towed Artillery, Civilian Trains, and later, Anti-Air and Medium Tanks.
  8. If you manage to reach 1940 without conflict with Germany, build a powerful Cavalry template to aid in conquering lost territories.

Military and Civilian Production

Starting with weak production capabilities, Hungary in HOI4 must focus on Infantry Equipment and Support Equipment. Due to the limited construction speed of Military Factories, it is advisable to prioritize building Civilian Factories first. Once your Civilian Factory production is established, allocate resources to upgrade your railway network and gradually expand your military capabilities.

Road to Austria-Hungary

To successfully embark on the path to forming Austria-Hungary, it is crucial to obtain Partial Mobilization and Volunteer Only Conscription Laws through the Secret Rearmament and Bled Agreement focuses. These will allow you to strengthen your army while pursuing territorial conquests. Additionally, selecting the Silent Workforce political advisor and acquiring a Chief of Army will provide valuable bonuses to your offensive capabilities. Raiding the Democratic and Fascist parties during the Elect a King focus can also enhance stability in the long run.

How to Conquer Austria

Conquering Austria requires careful maneuvering. By choosing the Demand Referendum focus, there is a high chance that Austria will accept your demands. If completed, the Reintegrate the Railroads focus and positive diplomatic relations further increase the chances of a successful annexation. However, if the timing and circumstances aren’t in your favor, it may be necessary to engage in warfare to claim Austria.

How to Win Referendum 100%

To maximize your chances of winning the referendum and achieving the desired outcome, it is advisable to save the game before completing the Invite the Habsburg Prince focus. By reloading the save file and manipulating diplomatic relations with Austria, you can increase the probability of a successful referendum result. In Ironman Mode, duplicating and risking a save file provides an opportunity to alter the event outcome.

Austria-Hungary Strategy to Restore the Empire