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UK Gaming Industry Body TIGA Calls for Regulatory Intervention over Unity’s Install Fees

UK game development platform Unity has come under fire from the UK games industry body TIGA for its recent changes to install fees. TIGA has called for the UK Competition & Markets Authority to intervene in the case, expressing concerns that Unity’s plans will increase development costs, jeopardize jobs, and potentially force some studios to close. TIGA is particularly concerned about the application of the fees to existing titles and the short notice provided, making it difficult for studios to adapt. TIGA is urging Unity to reconsider its plans and for the government to promote greater competition in the game engine market.

European Game Developers Federation Supports Call for Regulatory Scrutiny

The statement from TIGA aligns with a similar one made by the European Game Developers Federation, which also calls for regulatory scrutiny. The controversy surrounding Unity’s new per install fees has sparked a wider discussion about the need for controls to protect the supply of essential tools for game development.

However, by the time regulatory bodies in the EU or UK take action, the situation may have already changed. Unity has issued an announcement and apology in response to the backlash but has not clarified the extent to which it will adjust its position.