New Xbox controller with swappable battery spotted in huge Microsoft leak

A new Xbox controller named Sebile has been uncovered in a recent leak of Microsoft documents. This leak, which included a hardware roadmap sent internally on February 5, 2022, revealed that Sebile (previously known as Xbox Universal Controller) puts a greater emphasis on sustainability and durability improvements.

Sebile will also be included in the Xbox Design Lab, allowing customers to personalize the controller’s colors. Furthermore, special and limited editions of Sebile are expected to be released in the future.

One of the standout features of the new Xbox controller is its swappable, rechargeable battery. Instead of having to purchase an entirely new controller when the battery dies, users can simply replace the battery. Sebile will also be made with recycled materials and reduced resin to minimize waste.

The leaked hardware roadmap also highlights new modular thumbsticks and increased longevity in order to enhance the controller’s durability and reliability. Additionally, the inclusion of precision haptic feedback, VCA haptics that double as speakers, an accelerometer, and quieter buttons and thumbsticks are mentioned as new immersion features.

The presentation slide detailing Sebile.

Another convenient feature of the Sebile controller is its automatic wake-up function. When lifted, the controller will wake up without the need for manual activation, eliminating the hassle of switching it on if it goes into sleep mode. Connectivity options for Sebile are wireless only.

According to the leaked document, Sebile is set to be released at the end of May 2024. While it was originally intended to be announced earlier, it will not be revealed until at least September 2023.

The Sebile controller is just one of many hardware plans Microsoft has in store. This includes a mid-generation refresh of the Xbox Series X and S consoles before the release of the next Xbox console, which is currently slated for 2028.