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Apple to Allow Developers to Offer Region-Specific Pre-Orders for Games

Apple is introducing a new feature that will allow developers to offer region-specific pre-orders for upcoming games or games that are already available for download in other markets. This means that developers can now offer pre-orders for both existing and new apps that have not yet launched in certain regions. The new system will also allow staggered release dates, making games visible to users before they are available in their region.

This feature will benefit both developers and users. For developers, it offers a way to gauge interest in a game before it is launched and measure users’ engagement. Pre-orders can help developers determine the amount of post-release update work they should prepare for and understand the popularity of their game ahead of its release. For users, pre-ordering a game means that once it is released in their region, it will be automatically downloaded to their devices without the need to catch their attention again.

New Markets

The ability to offer region-specific pre-orders is particularly important as areas like MENA (Middle East and North Africa) see increased interest from developers and publishers. This new feature allows developers to tailor their release schedule to specific regions, making the process of releasing and discovering games more convenient for new audiences.