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Unveiling Ubisoft RedLynx’s Latest Mobile Game: Gwen’s Getaway

Ubisoft RedLynx has recently introduced its newest mobile game, Gwen’s Getaway, which has been released in select countries as part of its soft launch. This adventure game allows players to renovate homes and solve puzzles, offering 600 levels with monthly updates of new content.

Discussing the Creation and Development of Gwen’s Getaway

In celebration of the game’s launch, we had the opportunity to speak with Celine Pasula, the managing director, and Jon Kauppinen, the game’s producer, about the original ideas behind Gwen’s Getaway and the challenges they faced during its development.

The Initial Idea Behind Gwen’s Getaway

Can you tell us about the initial idea behind Gwen’s Getaway? When did the game initially go into development?

Jon Kauppinen:

Gwen’s Getaway has been in development for a couple of years now. The idea originally took shape during the pandemic when many of us were stuck at home and dreaming of a relaxing getaway. We suspect that the famous Nordic love for cabins influenced the concept, as Finland is known for its peaceful nature retreats. We wanted to capture that feeling in the game, allowing players to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Celine Pasula:

The cabin lifestyle and the renovation of family cottages are deeply ingrained in Finnish culture, and Gwen and Reina, the characters in the game, embrace this tradition. Personally, I am renovating an old country house myself, so I can relate to Gwen on many levels. The game offers a relaxing experience where players can unwind after a busy day.

The Team and Unique Features of Gwen’s Getaway

When asked about the development team and the unique features of Gwen’s Getaway, Celine Pasula and Jon Kauppinen provided insightful responses.

Celine Pasula:

As the lead studio, we have a diverse team of professionals working on the game here in Helsinki. We also receive support from our Ubisoft studio in Abu Dhabi, thanks to our collaborative model. The exact team numbers are confidential.

Jon Kauppinen:

What sets Gwen’s Getaway apart is our focus on creating a holistic experience that resonates with our target audience. We have meticulously crafted an immersive storyline and paid close attention to the beautiful environment and renovation-decor elements, as these aspects captivated our players during testing. At the soft launch stage, we remain committed to listening to our players’ needs and delivering the best possible experience.

Overcoming Development Challenges and Supporting the Game

Developing a new game always comes with challenges, and Celine Pasula and Jon Kauppinen talked about how the team tackled and overcame them, as well as their plans for the future of Gwen’s Getaway.

Jon Kauppinen:

Preparing for the live environment with a new game is always a challenge. However, we have successfully planned and prepared as a team, demonstrating our ability to face the unknown together. Moving forward, we have a solid roadmap in place and a content treadmill to provide high-quality monthly updates to our players. We are excited to see what lies ahead for us.

Jon Kauppinen:

Gwen’s Getaway is currently available in select soft launch countries, featuring 600 levels and three detailed locations for players to explore and decorate. Our development team is actively listening to player feedback and will continue to add new levels and locations each month. For wider availability, players can follow us on social media to be the first to know when the game reaches their region.

We should look forward to Gwen’s Getaway expanding its soft launch to more countries soon. Our team is dedicated to delivering an excellent experience and will continue to provide engaging content while valuing the feedback of our players.

Embarking on a Journey with Gwen’s Getaway

Celine Pasula and Jon Kauppinen expressed their excitement for Gwen’s Getaway and their shared vision of making games for everyone. They believe the game will bring unique experiences and worlds to broader audiences, showcasing the dedication and commitment of the development team.

Celine Pasula:

Gwen’s Getaway embodies our vision of bringing unique experiences to new audiences. We want to make games for everyone, regardless of the platform or genre. I am thrilled to see where the journey with Gwen’s Getaway will take us.

Jon Kauppinen:

We are dedicated to delivering an excellent experience to our players. Our focus on quality will continue in the live phase, offering exciting content and actively listening to feedback. Follow us on social media to stay updated on the next steps of our journey.