How to Complete Julian the Gentleman Quest in Lies of P

Lies of P: How to Find Julian the Gentleman’s Wife

After overcoming the formidable White Lady in Lies of P, your next objective is to locate Julian the Gentleman’s wife. Julian requests that you retrieve his wife’s belongings from Rosa Isabelle Street, which now lies in ruins. He provides a description of his wife’s attire – a black dress – and mentions that she should be near a fire.

Location of Julian the Gentleman’s Wife

To find Julian’s wife, you must progress through the game and descend the iron ladder near the Stargazer. However, be prepared to face several obstacles in the form of broken puppets that block your path. Navigate through the massive pipes to enter another section of the city. Once you reach a junction, take the right path and continue until you come across another ladder.

Ascending the ladder leads you to an area infested with aggressive maids and clown puppets. Simply follow the road until you reach a bridge. However, exercise caution as two puppets lie in wait to ambush you once you cross the bridge.

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Inside the house, you’ll find a chest. However, you need to descend the stairs on the left side to locate Julian’s wife. Surprisingly, the woman turns out to be a puppet, leaning against a wall to your right. Retrieve the Wedding Ring from her possession, and then you can return to Julian using the shortcut in the previous area.

Choices and Rewards

Similar to the Weeping Woman side quest, you’ll be presented with a choice when you encounter Julian. You can either tell the truth or lie to him. If you choose to lie and inform him that you saw a message from his wife professing her love for him, Julian will reward you with the Wedding Ring and unlock the Sad Gesture. However, if you opt for honesty, Julian will be disheartened by your response, and you’ll receive a Radiant Ergo Fragment.

Aside from assisting Julian the Gentleman, Lies of P offers numerous other side quests. For example, you can help Toma, a sick young man in Elysion Boulevard, by playing the Faded Whistle to provide him comfort.

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