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Lies of P: Understanding the Differences Between Motivity and Technique

Lies of P is a highly acclaimed Souls-like game that offers a unique retelling of the classic childhood story, Pinocchio. As a spiritual successor to the popular Bloodborne, this game incorporates many standard classical mechanics from the genre. One notable feature is the emphasis on combat stats, with two attributes, Motivity and Technique, playing a crucial role in determining gameplay. In this article, we will explore the key differences between Motivity and Technique and how they impact your playstyle.

All Lies of P Stats

In Lies of P, there are six combat stats that significantly affect your character build. It is important to invest in these attributes wisely as you level up. Here are the combat stats you should be familiar with:

  • Vitality (body/constitution): Boosting your Vitality increases your maximum HP, improves Guard Regain, and enhances defense against various types of damage.
  • Vigor (stamina/energy): Increasing Vigor grants you higher maximum Stamina, allowing for more attacks, runs, and dodges. It also improves defense against different types of damage.
  • Capacity (weight limit): Investing in Capacity lets you carry more equipment without being slowed down. It also increases ammo capacity for your special “Legion Arm” and fortifies defense against various types of damage.
  • Motivity (strength): Motivity boosts the damage dealt by weapons and Legion Arms with Motivity Scaling. It also enhances defense against various types of damage.
  • Technique (dexterity/finesse): Elevating Technique increases the damage output of weapons and Legion Arms with Technique Scaling. It also improves defense against various types of damage.
  • Advance (Magic/unique stats): Enhancing Advance raises the maximum ammo capacity and augments the damage of weapons and Legion Arms with Advance Scaling. It also increases resistance to certain status effects.

While all of these stats impact your character, Motivity and Technique have the most significant influence on your playstyle. Understanding their differences will help you make informed decisions regarding your character build.

Motivity vs Technique

In Lies of P, Motivity represents strength (STR) while Technique refers to classic dexterity (DEX) builds. Each of these stats is associated with a specific build path. Here is a general differentiation between the two:

  • Motivity: Influences damage dealing, damage resistance, and proficiency with heavier, slower weapons and armor.
  • Technique: Influences stamina, concentration, agility, and proficiency with lightweight, swift weapons.

A Motivity build favors heavy equipment and encourages blocking and counterattacks, while a Technique build focuses on lighter weapons for easier dodging and striking. However, some weapons offer a balanced approach that takes advantage of both Motivity and Technique. Understanding these build paths will help you decide which stat to prioritize.

Paths for Motivity vs Technique

When creating your character in Lies of P, you must select a build path that aligns with your intended playstyle. There are three types of sets, each with its preference between Motivity and Technique. The available build paths are:

  • Path of the Cricket (Puppet Saber – Sword): A balanced build that utilizes both Motivity and Technique. It is beginner-friendly and offers versatility and flexibility in combat.
  • Path of the Bastard (Sword): A speed build that relies heavily on Technique. By investing in Dexterity, you gain increased stamina and agility, allowing for more mobility and defensive playstyle.
  • Path of the Sweeper (Greatsword): An STR-based build that delivers powerful blows at the expense of mobility. Motivity is the primary stat here, optimizing damage output and resistance for a more defensive playstyle.

Choose your build path wisely based on your preferred playstyle and adaptability to different combat situations.

Respec Is an Option

If you find yourself wanting to change your build, don’t worry! Lies of P provides the option to specialize in a different build after reaching Chapter VII of the main story. So, if you initially chose a Motivity build but want to switch to Technique, you’ll have the opportunity to do so. However, you’ll need to progress to a certain stage in the game before making this change.