Old School RuneScape (OSRS) – How to Mark Tiles

How to Mark Tiles in Old School RuneScape

For players trying to organize their screens and where they click, marking tiles can be the critical difference between the success and failure of completing certain high-level activities.

Although the act of marking tiles can be controversial to some, it has proven to be an easy way to set on-screen reminders for yourself and make certain combat sequences less complicated. Originally something that could only be performed on 3rd party clients, even the official clients have added this feature.

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How to Mark Tiles in Old School RuneScape

Marking tiles is very simple and can be done on both the main client and 3rd party clients.

Marking tiles can be done by holding the shift key while right-clicking on a title. Here you will see an option to Mark a tile, allowing you to do so!

Beyond the vanilla client, you will only have the option to mark them.

However, if you are using other recognized clients (i.e. RuneLite) you will also see options to recolor and label tiles to whatever you would like.

Label and Color Tiles in Old School RuneScape

Tile markers can also be downloaded and applied to your RuneLite client, allowing players to share markers with each other.

This is handy for newer players who are trying to learn a Raid or difficult boss but aren’t sure exactly where to step to set their own markers.

Why Do Players Mark Tiles In OSRS?

There are many advantages to marking tiles in OSRS, the biggest one being reminders.

Players have been known to mark tiles in Raids or boss rooms as visual cues to where they need to step during certain phases.

Tile Marking in OSRS

Others have also been known to label tiles with the names of certain items that they need for specific areas.

Whether it’s a weapon, a tool, or just activating a certain Prayer, it’s a quick visual aid to make whatever you’re doing a lot easier.

On a more humorous note, those with a keen eye will notice streamers and other content creators marking and labeling tiles with the names of viewers or donors.

Tile Marking for Streamers in OSRS

In summary, marking tiles has all sorts of uses for OSRS players, and it’s only limited by your own creativity!

That is how you mark tiles in Old School RuneScape!

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