miHoYo co-authors science paper outlining bold AI intentions | Pocket Gamer.biz

Mobile gaming giant miHoYo explores the potential of AI in game development

miHoYo, the renowned mobile gaming company behind popular titles such as Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact, has partnered with researchers to produce a paper investigating the use of large language models (LLM) and AI in game development. The paper presents a comprehensive analysis of 264 different papers on the subject, highlighting the potential of AI agents in the gaming industry.

The paper begins by acknowledging humanity’s long-standing desire to achieve artificial intelligence equivalent to or surpassing human capabilities. It introduces AI agents as artificial entities that perceive their environment, make decisions, and take actions.

The focus of the paper is on the general conceptual framework for LLM-based agents, which consists of three main components: brain, perception, and action. According to miHoYo, this framework can be adapted to suit different applications in game development.

Continued room for growth

While miHoYo has already developed incredibly expansive mobile games, they believe that there is still ample room for growth. The company sees AI as a key element for further expansion and innovation in the industry.

Senior AI scientist Dr. Jim Fan from Stanford University expressed his excitement about the potential of scaling up AI agents to accommodate the massive player base of games like Genshin Impact. Dr. Fan highlights that this could lead to extraordinary emergent behaviors from both humans and AI agents.

Efficiency and cost, however, are currently significant challenges that impede the widespread deployment of AI agents in gaming.

The paper emphasizes the three primary components of LLM: the brain, perception, and action. These components work together to enhance the player’s immersive experience. For example, the brain can analyze in-game weather conditions and weather reports to determine whether an umbrella is needed.

miHoYo’s dedication to innovation and AI in game development has earned the company a spot among the top 50 mobile game makers of 2023.