How to fix In Memoriam bug in Starfield

How to Resolve the In Memoriam Bug in Starfield

A game as expansive and ambitious as Starfield is bound to encounter a few coding slip-ups along the way. Despite the efforts of a massive development team, certain unexpected circumstances can arise that lead to the breaking of certain game elements. One such bug has been discovered in Starfield’s In Memoriam mission, affecting a handful of players. However, there is a solution to this issue, allowing you to continue your journey to win over Sarah Morgan.

The In Memoriam bug can occur due to various reasons, hindering your progress in the questline involving Sarah Morgan. This bug will prevent you from communicating with her and result in her being permanently locked as a partner.

To resolve this bug, you need to unassign Sarah Morgan completely from your crew or any outpost. Once you have accomplished this, you will find her waiting for you at The Lodge. From there, you can ask her to accompany you to the In Memoriam mission marker in Starfield. This should effectively address the bug and allow you to proceed with the quest.

Following these steps should resolve the In Memoriam bug in Starfield. If, however, the issue persists, you may need to await a patch. Bethesda has a reputation for promptly addressing forum concerns and will likely take notice of this issue.

Root Causes of the In Memoriam Bug

The In Memoriam bug can be triggered by various factors, such as failing speech checks with Sarah Morgan, being disliked by the US Science Division, or making mean remarks towards her, among other possibilities. It’s possible that she’s simply in a bad mood with you. Who knows?

The In Memoriam bug is a recent occurrence that has emerged since the latest Starfield patch. Therefore, it is likely related to conflicting mission parameters within the game.

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