Lies of P How to Farm Ergo

Character and Build Progression

Character and Build Progression revolves around one token in Lies of P. Ergo is the main currency players will use around Krat for various transactions. As one of the most essential resources in the game, it would be in your best interest to farm it quickly and early. This guide will provide you with the best ways to get Ergo in Lies of P.

What are Lies of P Ergo

Ergo is an essential currency in Lies of P, used for various things. These valuable resources can be acquired through several means, and you will need abundant these to progress effectively. Ergos can be obtained in several ways, including defeating enemies, exploring and looting chests, and consuming Ergo Fragments. There are Rare Ergos, which specific formidable bosses drop. This particular currency can be consumed to get a substantial Ergo boost or traded with Alidoro, a unique merchant in the game. Alidoro offers coveted boss weapons and amulets in exchange for Rare Ergos, making them a valuable commodity in Lies of P.

What to do with Ergo

As the most essential resource in the game, Ergo can be used on many things that will help make P stronger. Knowing where and when to spend them will encourage players to farm them. Here is the list of things you can do with Ergo in Lies of P:

  • Buying Items and Weapons: Ergo serves as the in-game currency, enabling you to acquire various items from Merchants, including new weapons, armor, materials, and consumables. Careful Ergo management is vital to optimize your character’s equipment for the game’s challenges.
  • Pinocchio’s Growth: Ergo plays a pivotal role in Pinocchio’s development. Investing Ergo systematically levels up Pinocchio, enhancing his stats and abilities, which are crucial for adapting to gameplay scenarios and overcoming formidable foes.
  • Boss Treasures: Rare Ergo, obtained from specific boss encounters, holds substantial value. Trade these Rare Ergos with Alidoro, a unique Merchant, to access exclusive boss weapons and amulets, shaping your Lies of P adventure.

It’s easy to spend all your Ergo because of these things, so starting farming as early as possible would be wise. Fortunately, there are various ways to maximize your grind to stock up on this currency quickly.

Best Places to Farm Lies of P Ergo

Several places in Krat are the best places to farm Ergo. These areas will be appropriate grind spots at certain stages of the game. Here are the best places to farm Ergo in Lies of P:

  • Krat Central Station Plaza (Early Game): This bustling plaza teems with enemies that pose minimal challenges. Ideal for early-game Ergo farming, it offers swift enemy respawn using the Stargazer, ensuring a continuous stream of foes to defeat.
  • Cerasni Alley (Early Game): Situated near the Krat Central Station Plaza, Cerasni Alley harbors a handful of high-value enemies. This alley is a promising choice if you seek a quick and effortless Ergo boost in the early stages.
  • Cross City Hall (Mid-Game): As you progress to Chapter 2, Cross City Hall is the best place to farm Ergo. Here, you’ll encounter enemies that drop substantial Ergo rewards. This spot suits players seeking a more demanding yet rewarding farming experience.
  • Malum District (Late Game): In Chapter 5, the Malum District is a late-game area populated by formidable high-level enemies. Engaging in combat here guarantees a challenging farming experience and a substantial Ergo yield. It is essential to switch grinding spots the further you progress to optimize your Ergo output. This ensures that you gain sufficient experience while also gaining optimal resources.

Best Methods to Farm Lies of P Ergo

Ergo and Star Fragments are valuable resources in Lies of P, obtained primarily from defeating enemies. Besides farming in the best spots, there are several ways to optimize your grind. Here are some of the best methods to stock up on Ergo:

General Method for Farming Ergo

Clean Runs at Stargazers: Initiate efficient farming by conducting clean runs at Stargazers. An excellent early location is the Workshop Union Entrance, accessible after defeating the Scrapped Watchman boss.

  1. Acquire the key from Geppetto and proceed through the gate to reach the first Stargazer.
  2. Eliminate the two mannequins inside the door for 115 Ergo each and potential item drops.
  3. Head outside to the Stargazer, go right, and tackle the mannequins in the alley, along with an enormous puppet.
  4. Dispatch the mannequins for 115 Ergo each and the puppet for 353 Ergo. It also drops a Star Fragment.
  5. Return to the Stargazer and repeat. With a 10% Ergo bonus (P-Organ Phase 1 upgrade), you can earn a guaranteed 813 Ergo per run.

Use the Stargazer: The item allows you to respawn enemies in specific areas, an excellent method for quick Ergo farming, especially in zones with high-value enemies.

Defeat Bosses and Mini-bosses: Bosses and mini-bosses yield significant Ergo rewards, making them essential targets for farming. Remember that you can defeat each boss or mini-boss only once per playthrough.

Farm Specific Areas: Identify areas conducive to Ergo farming, such as the Krat Central Station Plaza in the early game, which hosts numerous manageable enemies.

Sell Unwanted Items: Sell unwanted items to Merchants for additional Ergo when in need of funds.

Early Game Ergo Farm

Defeat Enemies: The most straightforward way to accumulate Ergo is by eliminating as many enemies as possible. Head to a Stargazer of your choice and lure enemies toward you. Start by taking out ranged foes to avoid surprise attacks, then focus on melee mobs.

Weapon Choice: When facing multiple enemies simultaneously, opt for Slash-type weapons with extended reach, such as Greatswords or Battleaxes. Refrain from obsessing over your stats; you’ll damage regular foes sufficiently. You can amass around a thousand Ergo after a few rounds at the same Stargazer with consistent efforts.

Mid-Game Ergo Farm

Once you’ve conquered Flame King Fuoco, you can unlock a highly efficient Ergo farming location known as Moonlight Town. Follow these steps for successful farming:

  1. Fast Travel: Use a Stargazer to travel fast to Moonlight Town.
  2. Enhance Your Weapon: Equip a Flame Grindstone to imbue your weapon with the Fire aspect, ideal for dealing extra damage to monster-type enemies.
  3. House Encounter: Enter the house on the left and prioritize defeating the pitchfork-wielding zombie-like enemy to prevent sneak attacks.
  4. Ranged Zombie: Ignore other enemies and head up the stairs on the far side of town, where a ranged attacker stands. Eliminate this threat.
  5. Tactical Retreat: Safely jump down the stairs and retreat behind the well, avoiding enemy hits.
  6. Finish the Encounter: Utilize your high-range weapon to eliminate the remaining enemies.
  7. Repeat the Process: Reset at the Stargazer and repeat this efficient farming route.

P Organs for Ergo Farming in Lies of P

P Organs can significantly boost your Ergo farming by providing various bonuses. There are specific buffs that you should invest in when you want to spend more time grinding. Here are the top P Organs for maximizing your Ergo:

Primary Options

  • Greed P Organ (10% Ergo Bonus): Equip the Greed P Organ to increase your Ergo earnings from vanquished enemies by 10%. This boost proves valuable when farming Ergo in areas rich in high-value adversaries.
  • Wealth P Organ (20% Ergo Bonus): For an even more substantial Ergo increase, opt for the Wealth P Organ, which enhances your Ergo gains by an impressive 20%. This choice is ideal when tackling challenging farming zones.
  • Fortune P Organ (30% Ergo Bonus): To maximize your Ergo accumulation, consider the Fortune P Organ, delivering an exceptional 30% Ergo boost from enemy eliminations. It shines brightest in late-game farming scenarios.

Secondary Options

Scavenger P Organ: Improve your chances of enemies dropping valuable items with the Scavenger P Organ. This is especially useful when farming Ergo, as enemies occasionally yield Rare Ergo, exchangeable for potent…