Best weapons in Witchfire, ranked

Currently, Witchfire boasts a diverse arsenal of seven weapons, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. In this comprehensive guide, I will rank and review the best weapons in Witchfire, providing you with valuable insights to enhance your gameplay experience.

Discovering the Supreme Weapon in Witchfire

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Before delving into the realm of rings, amulets, fetishes, and magical spells, let’s prioritize our discussion on Witchfire’s finest weapon. There are two close-range weapons, two medium-range weapons, two long-range weapons, and one demonic weapon to choose from in this enchanting adventure.

In my expert opinion, the Midas Assault Rifle reigns supreme among the weapons in Witchfire. Its extensive range, remarkable firing rate, generous magazine size, and formidable damage make it an unrivaled choice. As you upgrade Midas and unlock its heated and overheated features, its prowess only intensifies. For reliability and effectiveness, Midas stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Keep in mind that Witchfire is currently in early access, meaning more weapons are likely to be added in the near future. Additionally, The Astronauts, the esteemed developers, are actively fine-tuning the existing weapons to ensure a pleasurable and balanced gaming experience. As major updates roll out, we will keep you informed. For now, let’s explore the current best weapons in Witchfire.

S-tier Witchfire Weapons

  • Midas – Assault Rifle
  • Vulture – Crossbow
  • Hailstorm – Sniper

The undisputed champion among Witchfire weapons is the legendary Midas. Its supreme Assault Rifle capabilities deliver unparalleled damage, a surplus of ammunition, and remarkable range.

The demonic Crossbow, known as Vulture, rightfully claims its place as the next best weapon. While demonic weapons may not enjoy the same popularity as their primary counterparts, Vulture shines as an exceptional choice. Its potent damage and additional projectiles that unleash area-of-effect devastation after the initial hit set it apart from the competition.

The remarkable Hailstorm also secures an S-tier ranking in Witchfire. Its only flaw lies in its limited ammunition capacity. However, when paired with Midas and its abundant supply of bullets, Hailstorm becomes the ideal option for special occasions, where defeating a formidable foe or dealing substantial boss damage is paramount.

A-tier Witchfire Weapons

C Tier Weapons Witchfire

Screenshot: PC Invasion

  • Echo – Shotgun
  • Hunger – Hand Cannon

The versatile Echo boasts considerable firepower in Witchfire. However, its situational nature prevents it from achieving S-tier status. While enjoyable for fast-paced, up-close encounters, the best survival strategies in Witchfire involve strategic positioning and intelligent gameplay. Echo’s requirement for rushing in compromises these tactics.

The starting weapon, Hunger, a reliable Hand Cannon, holds a special place in my heart as it initially captivated my affection for Witchfire. With its staunch durability, high damage output, and a modest magazine of six rounds, Hunger remains a respectable choice. Nevertheless, I personally favor Midas, Hailstorm, and even Echo over Hunger. Nonetheless, I occasionally indulge in using Hunger for that headshot-king sensation.

B-tier Witchfire Weapons

B Tier Weapons Witchfire

Screenshot: PC Invasion

  • All-Seeing Eye – Bolt Rifle
  • Cricket – SMG

While All-Seeing Eye becomes a powerful area-of-effect weapon once upgraded, acquiring kills to enhance its capabilities proves challenging. Its magazine could benefit from a few more bullets, and the damage fall-off lacks the leniency of Hailstorm.

Regrettably, the underperforming Cricket

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