How to make Healing Elixirs in Witchfire

How to Craft Healing Elixirs in Witchfire

If you’re new to Witchfire, one of the first things you’ll notice is how quickly your character can perish. A simple misstep or poor positioning can quickly lead to death. Without a means of healing yourself, your chances of survival are slim. Fortunately, there is a solution – Healing Elixirs. These potions can restore a small portion of your health, providing that much-needed lifeline. If you’ve been relying on chance encounters to find these elixirs, let me guide you through a more reliable method of enhancing your survivability. Here’s how you can craft Healing Elixirs in Witchfire.

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Locating the Apothecary Station

In order to craft Healing Elixirs, you’ll need to visit the Apothecary Station in the Shrouded Hermitorium, the starting area of the game. Located precisely opposite the portal, this station will serve as your brewing hub. However, note that as a new player, you won’t have access to potion brewing right away. You’ll unlock this ability after a few runs.

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Gathering Angelica for the Potion

In order to make Healing Elixirs, you’ll need to venture into the field and collect specific ingredients. The key ingredient for these potions is a plant called Angelica (pictured above). Unfortunately, Angelica does not have a fixed spawn location. However, I’ve found the best success in spotting these plants along the edges of the scenery, rather than in open areas. While the Angelica in the picture stands out, they are usually camouflaged among the greenery, making them harder to spot.

If you’re searching for ingredients, it’s recommended to clear out an area of enemies and explore the edges of the locale. You may come across various types of mushrooms on your journey, but be cautious as most mushrooms in Witchfire are harmful. It’s advised to avoid them unless necessary.

Trading Angelica for Healing Elixirs

Once you’ve returned to the Shrouded Hermitorium, whether alive or otherwise, you can trade your collected Angelica for Healing Elixirs. Initially, you’ll be limited to carrying only two elixirs during your runs. However, as you progress in the game, you’ll have the opportunity to increase your carrying capacity.

What Happens to Healing Elixirs if I Die?

Considering the punishing nature of Witchfire, it may surprise you to know that you retain your Health Elixirs even if you die. In Witchfire, death comes with severe consequences, resulting in the loss of your hard-earned Volatile Witchfire. However, Healing Elixirs are one of the rare items that you don’t have to worry about losing. Given the brutality of death, it’s advisable to utilize all your Elixirs when facing imminent demise. Nevertheless, your healing items will remain intact even in the worst-case scenario.

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