How to turn on Head Mounted Camera in Phasmophobia

Screenshot: Kinetic Games

Phasmophobia offers various items to assist you in your paranormal assignments, and one of them is the Head Mounted Camera. This unique headgear becomes accessible once your character reaches level 8, and it can be purchased for 60 in-game dollars. However, knowing how to use this useful gadget is essential for effective investigations. If you need assistance, this guide will explain how to activate the Head Mounted Camera.

Activating the Head Mounted Camera

According to player experiences, the Head Mounted Camera should activate automatically when you acquire it from the van at the beginning of an assignment. However, some players have reported that their Head Mounted Cameras remained turned off even when equipped, leaving them unsure of how to activate them.

The suggested solution is to hold down the “special” key, typically mapped to the T key on a keyboard and mouse setup. Holding it down for a few seconds should result in two beeps, indicating successful activation of the camera.

The Head Mounted Camera offers several valuable features in Phasmophobia. Other players can access the camera’s first-person video feed from the safety of the van, allowing them to survey the environment. Furthermore, the camera’s night vision mode can detect Ghost Orbs, which provide crucial evidence for your assignment. It’s worth noting that the Head Mounted Camera doesn’t occupy an inventory slot, so you’ll have enough space for other items.

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Screenshot: Kinetic Games