Lies Of P Best Technique Weapons

Best Technique Weapons: Unleash Devastating Damage With These Choices

When focusing on the Technique stat in Lies of P, selecting the right weapons is vital to maximizing your damage output. Several powerful options have exceptional scaling with Technique. These weapons offer long reach and multi-hit movesets, making them particularly effective for crowd control. In this article, we will showcase the best Technique weapons in Lies of P.

Booster Glaive

The Booster Glaive is the undisputed king of Technique. With a Technique rating of B, it gains a significant boost in power as your Technique stat increases. Additionally, its D Motivity scaling provides an extra advantage. Take advantage of its area-of-effect attacks to efficiently dispatch groups of enemies.

Two Dragons Sword

The Two Dragons Sword, a legendary katana, boasts an impressive A scaling in Technique. As your Technique stat rises, its hits become incredibly powerful. With skills like Wind of Swords, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Although it lacks customization options, its sheer power compensates for this drawback.

Salamander Dagger

Despite its Technique scaling being only a C, the Salamander Dagger should not be underestimated. This fast-hitting dagger deals fire damage and possesses the Ignite ability, resulting in solid hybrid scaling. Utilize it to swiftly wear down foes with status effects, making it ideal for hit-and-run tactics.

Golden Lie (Special Weapon)

The Golden Lie is the ultimate Technique weapon, boasting a C scaling in Technique. However, it cannot be obtained through conventional means. This special weapon can only be acquired by fulfilling secret conditions. With its presumably excellent scaling in Technique, it is certainly worth hunting down for dedicated Technique builds.

These are the best Technique weapons in Lies of P. If you’re interested, check out our other guides on whether to choose Motivity or Technique, the best weapon combos, and the best boss weapons.