Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways DLC Review

Resident Evil 4: The Separate Ways DLC Delivers Action-Packed Thrills

Resident Evil 4 has always been praised for its atmospheric tone and intense gameplay, and the recent remake’s DLC, The Separate Ways, continues to deliver on those promises. Unlike the slow build-up of the main game, Separate Ways wastes no time plunging players into the action, pitting them against formidable bosses from the very beginning. Despite being shorter than the main campaign, this side story is a roller coaster ride of entertainment, offering fresh perspectives on familiar ideas from the original game.

A New Adventure for Ada Wong

The Separate Ways DLC follows Ada Wong, a cool and competent covert operative, on her own mission in the remote Spanish village. While her story runs parallel to Leon Kennedy’s quest to find the President’s daughter, Ada’s objectives take her on a different path and unveil surprising revelations. Unlike the original DLC, which often had Ada assisting Leon, this version focuses on Ada’s struggles to put her client’s goals before her own ideals and the growing conflict between her loyalty and her allies.

Fresh Fights and Thrilling Encounters

Separate Ways does an excellent job of giving Ada her own enemies and challenges to face. From her relentless black-robed stalker to unique boss fights, Ada’s journey stands out from Leon’s. The DLC also cleverly reuses familiar locations by changing the context and introducing different foes, providing unexpected ambushes and surprises for players.

New Twists and Uncharted Territory

The Separate Ways DLC not only revisits locations from the main campaign but also includes some interesting deviations. Players will encounter moments where they witness events from a different perspective, adding new layers to the story. The DLC also introduces previously unexplored areas, such as recognizable sewers, gondolas, and high-tech labs, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Ada’s Unique Abilities

Ada proves to be a formidable protagonist, equipped with abilities similar to Leon’s, as well as her own set of gadgets. Her grapple gun allows for swift movement and creative combat strategies. Additionally, Ada uses detective vision mode with special contact lenses, although these puzzle-solving sections are not as engaging as the grapple gun gameplay.

The Separate Ways DLC offers a thrilling and action-packed experience that complements the main game. With its compelling storyline, intense fights, and fresh perspectives, this DLC proves to be a must-play for fans of Resident Evil 4 Remake.