BG3 Dark Urge Origin Protect or Kill Isobel?

Players Face a Difficult Decision in Baldur’s Gate 3: What Happens If You Kill Isobel?

Players who have chosen the Dark Urge Origin will face a difficult decision in Baldur’s Gate 3. After encountering Isobel at the Last Light Inn, a nighttime encounter with Sceleritas, the player’s murderous butler, presents them with a daunting task: to kill the kind-hearted Isobel. We will explain what happens if you kill Isobel in BG3.

How to Kill Isobel in BG3

If you want to complete the Sceleritas Fel quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, one of the objectives is to kill Isobel. You must first defeat Marcus at the Last Light Inn to initiate the quest. Once the fight is over, return to your camp and rest until Sceleritas Fel visits you with the task of eliminating Isobel.

To complete the quest, return to the Last Light Inn and provoke Isobel into a battle. Concentrated attacks to take her down quickly are recommended as she has a low armor class and limited health. Remember that fighting Isobel will also anger the Harpers and Fists present, but avoiding them is unnecessary. The quest will advance once Isobel is defeated.

What Happens If You Kill Isobel

If you choose to kill Isobel, there are several consequences to consider. Firstly, Dammon will not repair Karlach’s Inferno Engine, which means you will miss out on acquiring the unique item. Additionally, the sleeping soldier named Halsin will die, preventing you from recruiting him as a companion later on. Finally, Jaheira will become upset and leave your party if you decide to kill Isobel.

On the other hand, after killing Isobel, you will be visited in your dreams by Sceleratas. He will bestow upon you a new shape-changing power – the Slayer Form. It provides a massive +9 bonus to Strength checks and saves, allowing it to exert force many times what a normal person could.


That’s all you need to know about how to kill Isobel in BG3. For more informative guides, please browse through our dedicated section for Baldur’s Gate 3.