Flesh and Blood’s Bright Lights set is a big deal for one special class

Flesh and Blood, the popular trading card game, is introducing a new expansion set called Bright Lights. This expansion set will bring new gameplay mechanics and equipment cards that will change the way players build their decks, especially for Mechanologist heroes. In this turn-based strategy game, players choose a hero and use weapons, equipment, and attack cards to defeat their opponents. The equipment cards, which are like armor for the heroes, protect them and provide additional benefits. However, in the Bright Lights expansion, a new cycle of Evo equipment cards is introduced specifically for Mechanologist heroes. These cards must be drawn and played for their powerful effects.

The Bright Lights expansion is set in Metrix, the City of Wonder, and aims to expand the Mechanologist archetype with new heroes and equipment. The highlight of this expansion is the transformation of base equipment into state-of-the-art Evo upgrades. Players start the game with base equipment cards, which can be destroyed when used to defend against attacks. The new Evo cards are shuffled into the player’s deck and can upgrade the base pieces. They also remove any damage counters accumulated on the previous equipment. However, players need to sacrifice the initial effectiveness of their base equipment for the potential benefits of Evo upgrades.

The Bright Lights expansion introduces 29 new Evo equipment cards, each with unique abilities. One notable card is the Evo Atom Breaker, a chest piece that generates extra resources when a player boosts. Another powerful card is the Evo Mach Breaker, which generates Quicken tokens that provide additional action points for playing more cards. The Evo Circuit Breaker enables players to shuffle attack cards from the banished zone back into the deck, ensuring aggressive strategies can be sustained. Lastly, the Evo Face Breaker arms equipment enhances attack cards, potentially complementing future attack card releases.

Alongside the new equipment, a new Mechanologist hero named Maxx Nitro is introduced. Maxx’s hero ability synergizes well with the Evo Breaker gear, making him the ideal hero to utilize the new equipment.

The Bright Lights expansion will be available for pre-release events starting from September 29 to October 2, with the global release on October 6. Players can look forward to exploring new strategies and deck-building options with the exciting Evo equipment cards.