How to find Londinion in Starfield

How to Discover Londinion in Starfield

In the vast galaxy of Starfield, uncovering secrets and completing side quests is essential for an immersive experience. Among these quests, the UC Vanguard questlines stand out as one of the most captivating adventures in the game. Initially unassuming, these quests quickly entangle players in galaxy-threatening conspiracies and encounters with lethal alien lifeforms. It’s time to revisit where it all began and learn how to find Londinion in Starfield.

Locating Londinion in Starfield

Londinion is situated on the Toliman II planet within the Toliman system. As part of the UC Vanguard questline, it is one of the final destinations players will explore. The Toliman system can be found adjacent to the Alpha Centauri system. However, gaining access to Londinion necessitates progressing through the UC Vanguard questline. Not only is it a perilous location due to the presence of terrormorphs, but it is also strictly restricted. Only after completing the Hostile Intelligence mission will the UC ship patrolling Toliman II’s orbit grant players permission to land on Londinion.

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Starfield Londinion Planet

Once you finally reach Londinion, be prepared to face the chilling weather and encounter hordes of enemy terrormorphs. However, amidst the eerie atmosphere and conspiracies, you will receive a formidable armor as a reward upon arrival. This serves as a worthy compensation for uncovering the mysteries behind the terrormorph attacks and holding onto a dark secret. Nonetheless, it is crucial to equip yourself with powerful weapons and sufficient Med Packs to ensure your survival. Best of luck, captain!