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Breaking: Sony Faces Major Cybersecurity Threat

Sony is currently under attack from a new ransomware group called “Ransomed.vc.” The group claims to have successfully infiltrated Sony’s systems and has even provided screenshots as evidence of their breach.

The screenshots showcase directories, files, and source code from Sony’s internal systems, providing a clear demonstration of the group’s capabilities and intent.

Who Are the Ransomed.vc Group?

Ransomed.vc may be a newcomer in the cybercrime arena, but they have quickly gained notoriety. Their strategy involves targeting high-profile companies, stealing sensitive data, and then demanding ransom payments to prevent the release of the stolen information. Despite their recent emergence, they have links to previous cybercriminal groups and forums.

Where’s the Proof?

The Ransomed.vc group claims to have compromised all of Sony’s systems, but the evidence they’ve provided so far is not entirely convincing. The information they’ve shared includes Java files, screenshots of an internal log-in page, and a PowerPoint presentation outlining testbench details.

Interestingly, they have also shared a file tree of the leak, which contains less than 6,000 files. This number seems small considering their claim of having accessed “all of Sony’s systems.” The leaked files consist of HTML files, build log files, and various Java resources.

Sony Has Yet to Respond

As of now, Sony has not released an official statement regarding the alleged breach by Ransomed.vc. It remains to be seen how Sony will address this situation and what steps they will take to mitigate any potential damage. However, it’s worth noting that Sony has dealt with security threats in the past.

In 2011, Sony’s PlayStation Network suffered a massive breach that compromised around 77 million registered accounts and caused online features to become completely inoperable. The severity of that breach led Sony to testify before Congress and offer compensation, including games and monetary remedies, to affected users.