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Cherrypick Games: Overcoming Challenges and Bouncing Back with Kingdoms: Merge & Build

Established in 2014, Cherrypick Games has become a successful mobile game studio with popular titles such as Touchdown Hero, My Hospital, and Crime Story. However, like many studios, the COVID-19 pandemic presented obstacles for the team. Despite these challenges, Cherrypick Games is making a comeback with their latest game, Kingdoms: Merge & Build. We had the opportunity to speak with Cherrypick Games CEO Martin Kwasnica about the creation of this new title, navigating the pandemic, and their collaboration with Apple.

Establishing Cherrypick Games in 2014

Cherrypick Games was founded in 2014 by a team of experienced gaming industry professionals. Their goal was to leverage their expertise and passion for games to create high-quality titles that are accessible and enjoyable for players. According to Martin Kwasnica, the CEO of Cherrypick Games, their aim is to become a globally recognized publisher known for producing top-notch games that incorporate the latest player engagement techniques.

The Studio’s Journey and the Launch of Kingdoms: Merge & Build

Cherrypick Games has experienced both challenges and success throughout its journey. Their latest project, Kingdoms: Merge & Build, which was exclusively launched on Apple Arcade, has been a demanding endeavor for the team. However, they are optimistic about its potential and are excited to continue their journey in game development.

Recovering from the Pandemic

Like many companies, Cherrypick Games faced difficulties during the pandemic. They implemented remote work measures to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees. While the pandemic brought about challenges, Cherrypick Games anticipated increased interest in gaming due to limited access to other forms of entertainment. As a result, they were able to navigate the situation and recover effectively.

The Development Process of Kingdoms: Merge & Build

The development process of Kingdoms: Merge & Build was kept under wraps until its release. The game combines builder simulation with user-friendly merge-2 crafting gameplay, creating a collaborative environment where royals and townspeople work together to build their kingdom. The Cherrypick Games team was confident that this well-designed, live-operated simulation game would resonate with Apple Arcade users. The game has been well received so far, and the team is working on adding new features, fixing bugs, and enhancing the overall experience.

Exclusive Launch on Apple Arcade

Choosing to exclusively launch Kingdoms: Merge & Build on Apple Arcade was a strategic decision for Cherrypick Games. According to Martin Kwasnica, Apple is known for its commitment to quality and carefully selects its partners. Aligning with Apple Arcade was a perfect fit for Cherrypick Games’ mission to craft high-quality mobile games for millions of players. The studio is also exploring the potential of Apple Vision Pro to enhance the gaming experience even further.

What’s Next for Cherrypick Games?

After overcoming challenging years, Cherrypick Games is back on track and working on exciting projects. Kingdoms: Merge and Build is just the beginning, and the studio is also collaborating with another strong partner from the Savvy Games Group on other upcoming titles. More information about these projects will be shared in the near future, so gaming enthusiasts should stay tuned!