EA Sports FC 24 Review

FIFA 23: EA Sports FC24 – A Step Forward or More of the Same?

In a surprising move, EA announced that its popular soccer series, FIFA, would be rebranded as EA Sports FC24. This news sparked excitement and curiosity among fans, who wondered if this change would also bring about significant improvements to the game itself. After diving into EA Sports FC24, it’s clear that while there are glimpses of greatness, there are also lingering issues that have plagued the series for years.

Gameplay-wise, EA Sports FC24 initially feels familiar. The inclusion of HyperMotion V and the DualSense controller feedback on the PlayStation 5 make matches more realistic than ever. The attention to detail is commendable, with precise ball and player physics, noticeable wear and tear on the field, and haptic feedback that shakes the goal posts. New overlays provide useful statistics during gameplay, and background interview segments add to the immersive atmosphere.

However, some elements have been removed that fans may miss. Team walkouts and ceremonial songs have been replaced with shots of fans or players preparing for the game. This omission is disappointing, especially when playing with lower-tier teams that have earned their spot on the grandest stage.

One area where EA Sports FC24 falls short is the artificial intelligence (AI). Despite the heavily advertised Hypermotion V technology, which includes Kinetic Shielding and advanced machine learning, the AI often makes questionable decisions. Goalkeepers may let easy shots in or make unnecessary punches, AI teammates exhibit poor attacking and defensive choices, and passing inputs may not register accurately. Playstyles help alleviate some of these frustrations by allowing players to customize each player’s method of play to match their strengths and weaknesses.

Creating a customized player’s Playstyle is an impressive feature that adds depth to the gameplay. With 32 abilities spread across six categories, players have the flexibility to build characters that suit their preferred style of play. Whether it’s dominating the midfield with quick passes or unleashing power shots, the diversity of playstyles adds a fresh layer to the game.

Another notable change is the option to control the direction of passes and shots, replacing the previous Precision system. This feature enhances the accuracy of shots and passes, making creative runs and precise plays possible.

While EA Sports FC24’s Ultimate Team mode remains popular, it still suffers from an inherent unfairness. Players who are willing to spend real money on microtransactions will have a significant advantage over those who don’t. However, the introduction of Evolutions in Ultimate Team allows players to improve the base stats of their cards by completing challenges. This provides a pathway for progress regardless of financial investment.

In conclusion, EA Sports FC24 shows promise with its new mechanics and attention to detail. However, it still falls short in certain areas, particularly with the AI and the unfairness of the Ultimate Team mode. Despite these shortcomings, there are enough improvements to make it a worthwhile experience, especially for fans of the series.