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Blizzard Welcomes Back Christopher Metzen as Executive Creative Director for Warcraft

Activision Blizzard has announced the return of Christopher Metzen, a veteran of the Warcraft franchise, in a new role as the executive creative director for the Warcraft universe. Metzen, who started his career with Blizzard in the company’s early days, has made significant contributions to their portfolio, including titles like Diablo and the original Warcraft. After retiring in 2016, Metzen returned as an advisor in late 2022 and is now rejoining the company to lead the creative direction of Activision Blizzard’s Warcraft franchise.

The Warcraft franchise needs little introduction, with its long-running series of RTS titles and the iconic MMORPG World of Warcraft. It also serves as the meta-setting for the popular CCG title Hearthstone. Metzen’s return comes at a time when Blizzard’s recent output, such as Overwatch 2 and expansions for World of Warcraft, has been criticized as lackluster. With the company’s renewed focus on Warcraft, it’s evident that Blizzard is looking to reinvigorate fan passion for their flagship franchise.

The Symbolic Return of Metzen

Metzen’s return is not only significant but also symbolic. It represents Blizzard’s commitment to bringing Warcraft back to its former glory and reclaiming its position as a driving force in the gaming industry. Prior to Metzen’s return, there were already indications of a creative overhaul for World of Warcraft. With the end of the AquiBlizz saga, Blizzard’s priority now lies in renewing fan enthusiasm for the franchise.

It’s possible that Blizzard’s revitalization efforts for Warcraft will involve the development of new mobile titles, particularly given the success of Hearthstone and Diablo Immortal. By leveraging the popularity of mobile gaming, Blizzard aims to breathe new life into the Warcraft franchise and recapture the attention of gamers worldwide.

Christopher Metzen’s return is an exciting development for Warcraft fans and the gaming community as a whole. As Blizzard’s flagship franchise, Warcraft continues to be a cornerstone of the company’s success. Metzen’s leadership and creative vision will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of the Warcraft universe.