How to get Nemo Bucks in Party Animals

How to Earn Nemo Bucks in Party Animals

Party Animals, like Fall Guys, is a fun and customizable party game. To enhance your gaming experience, you can purchase costumes and customization items from the cash shop. The game introduces two types of premium currency called Nemo Bucks. If you’re wondering how to acquire them without spending real money, read on to discover how to get Nemo Bucks in Party Animals.

Party Animals Nemo Bucks Guide

Aside from purchasing Nemo Bucks with real money, which is the most straightforward option, you can also earn them by leveling up in Party Animals. The maximum level is 100, and you receive Nemo Bucks at the following levels:

  • Level 8: 200 Nemo Bucks

  • Level 13: 200 Nemo Bucks

  • Level 21: 400 Nemo Bucks

  • Level 25: 200 Nemo Bucks

  • Level 32: 200 Nemo Bucks

  • Level 38: 400 Nemo Bucks

  • Level 44: 200 Nemo Bucks

  • Level 54: 200 Nemo Bucks

  • Level 58: 600 Nemo Bucks

  • Level 61: 200 Nemo Bucks

  • Level 67: 200 Nemo Bucks

  • Level 74: 600 Nemo Bucks

  • Level 81: 200 Nemo Bucks

  • Level 87: 200 Nemo Bucks

  • Level 93: 600 Nemo Bucks

  • Level 99: 1000 Nemo Bucks

By reaching the maximum level, you can earn a total of 5,600 Nemo Bucks. Additionally, purchasing the deluxe edition of the game grants you 1,300 Nemo Bucks, and the preorder bonus provides 240 Nemo Bucks. Therefore, without spending money, you can gather a maximum of 7,140 Nemo Bucks. Keep in mind that reaching the maximum level requires a significant amount of experience points, which translates into numerous hours of gameplay.

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Overall, earning a substantial amount of Nemo Bucks by simply playing the game is limited. However, if you want to strategically decide which adorable costumes to purchase with the currency you earn and which ones you may need to buy, knowing all the levels and the corresponding amount of Nemo Bucks is essential.

It’s intriguing to ponder on how Nemo became the currency in the world of Party Animals.

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