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Netflix Expands into the World of Gaming

Netflix, the renowned streaming giant known for its vast collection of TV shows and movies, has made its mark in the gaming industry with the introduction of Netflix Games in 2021. This new addition allows users to enjoy games without any ads or in-app purchases. On Monday, Netflix released its latest game, “Netflix Stories: Love is Blind,” which is based on one of its popular series. We spoke with Amir Rahimi, the VP of game studios at Netflix, to gain insight into the platform’s potential and its plans for game expansion.

The Impact of Netflix Games on the Industry Netflix is widely recognized for its movies and shows. How do you believe the implementation of video games on the platform will affect the gaming industry?

Amir Rahimi: Our objective is to provide a game on Netflix for every single one of our members. One of the greatest advantages of creating games within Netflix is the opportunity to expand the worlds of our beloved films and series that our members adore. “Netflix Stories: Love is Blind” is just the beginning, as we plan to continue adding interactive fiction based on popular Netflix series and films. By launching the game alongside the new season of the series, we aim to harness the power of our existing IPs and further grow our offerings.

Next up, we have plans to develop games for “Money Heist” and “Virgin River,” with more to come in the following year. The possibilities are endless. Moreover, all our games are accessible to Netflix members without any additional costs or in-app purchases. We believe this can be a groundbreaking development for the interactive fiction genre, which often includes paywalls for the most exciting choices. In Netflix Stories, the choices truly lie in the hands of the players.

About “Netflix Stories: Love is Blind”

“Netflix Stories: Love is Blind” allows players to enter the pods and experience the journey of the hit series as if they were one of the singles. Users can create and customize their characters, go on pod dates, and follow the series arc, including the tropical vacation and potentially even a wedding. The story unfolds through a series of episodes that will be released periodically, mirroring the format of the TV series.

The Freedom of Games Without Microtransactions

In contrast to many interactive narrative games that incorporate microtransactions, “Love is Blind” stands out due to the absence of ads or in-app purchases. Amir Rahimi shares, “Creating games without ads or in-app purchases is one of the most liberating aspects of game development at Netflix.” This approach allows their team and external developers to focus solely on creating an exceptional gaming experience, free from the pressures of monetization. The interactive fiction genre aligns perfectly with this approach, empowering players to make choices without any sacrifices.

The Future of Netflix Games

Development of “Netflix Stories: Love is Blind” was one of the initial ideas following the success of interactive fiction games like “Too Hot to Handle: Love is a Game” and its sequel. The goal is for Netflix Stories to become an ever-growing anthology app with endless possibilities. Players can look forward to stepping into the worlds of their favorite Netflix series and films and making their own choices.

The game creation process proved to be a collaborative endeavor, benefiting from Netflix’s consolidated structure. Having everything under one roof allows the games team to seamlessly adapt series and films and vice versa. This approach ensures authenticity and meaningful experiences for Netflix members.

Regarding the future of Netflix Games, Amir Rahimi states, “We are still in the early stages of game development at Netflix, and our focus is on delivering games that provide added value to our members without ads or in-app purchases.” Expanding their beloved IPs and creating original content are key objectives for the platform. Netflix Games aims to have something for everyone by offering a diverse range of games from both internal studios and external developer partners.