Reminder: Disney Speedstorm Is Finally Free-To-Play On Switch

Finally, after months of “early access,” Gameloft has released Disney Speedstorm as a free-to-play racer on the Nintendo Switch and other platforms.

New Season Inspired by Aladdin

With this update, Speedstorm introduces its fourth season, which draws inspiration from the beloved series Aladdin. Players can expect exciting additions such as new racers, a new track, and new crew members. The iconic characters Aladdin and Jasmine are now part of the lineup, along with two bonus mystery racers.

Disney Speedstorm makes three wishes come true during the Aladdin-inspired Season: new racers, new villains, and a free-to-play experience! Join the race today!

– Disney Speedstorm (@SpeedstormGame)

A Diverse Roster of Racers

In addition to Aladdin and Jasmine, players can choose from a wide range of racers, including Sulley, Mulan, Mickey Mouse, Belle, Stitch, Buzz Lightyear, Captain Jack Sparrow, and more. Each character possesses unique and upgradeable skills, making the gameplay even more dynamic and engaging.

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