Sony Seemingly Removes Most Traces Of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Remake

Sony Removes Traces of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake

In a surprising move, Sony has recently been deleting tweets and hiding the reveal trailer of the highly anticipated remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for PlayStation 5. This comes after Sony formally announced the game during its September 2021 PlayStation Showcase, but subsequent reports suggested that the project was put on hold due to staff departures.

According to Kotaku, users on the Gaming Leaks And Rumors subreddit noticed that the KOTOR remake reveal trailer had been delisted from the official PlayStation YouTube channel. Twitter users also confirmed this, while noting that the full 2021 PlayStation Showcase video still included the trailer. Additionally, PlayStation appears to have removed all tweets mentioning the remake, except for one that mentions other games.

Further investigation using the Wayback Machine reveals that a tweet exclusively about the KOTOR remake existed in a 2022 snapshot of PlayStation’s Twitter account, indicating that the deletion occurred sometime between last year and now.

Game Informer has reached out to Sony and PlayStation for comment on the hidden trailer and deleted tweets, but no response has been received at the time of writing.

There is speculation as to why PlayStation is taking these actions, particularly considering the developer of the KOTOR remake, Aspyr Media. Aspyr is owned by Embracer Group, which has been undergoing a restructuring program following the collapse of a major strategic partnership deal worth $2 billion. It is possible that Aspyr, acquired by Embracer Group in 2021, may have been affected by these changes and the KOTOR remake project may have been canceled. However, without official confirmation, it remains speculative at this point.

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