Where to find the Valo System in Starfield

How to Find Valo in Starfield

In the vast expanse of Starfield, there are countless planets waiting to be discovered. However, finding Valo, a level 5 system within the game, can be a bit tricky due to a poor UI choice. But fear not, we have the solution for you. Here’s how you can get to Valo in Starfield.

Where is Valo in Starfield?

Valo is located just a short distance away from Alpha Centauri. However, when you open your map, you may notice that only Sol, Alpha Centauri, and Narrion are visible, with no sign of Valo. This is due to the game’s UI design flaw. To reveal Valo on the map, you must first select Narion, and Valo will appear right beneath it. It seems like Valo and Narion are so close together that the game couldn’t assign separate spots for them.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

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It may not make much sense why Bethesda chose to handle these systems this way. This decision has caused frustration among players who expected the game map to accurately represent the vast distances between solar systems. One potential explanation could be that Valo and Narion share the same Y-axis coordinate, making them far apart in reality but appear as a single dot on the map due to our perspective. While this reasoning may make logical sense, it is still a confusing and inconsistent design choice that could have been improved for player convenience.

Valo System Planets and Moons

Once you’ve successfully navigated to Valo, you’ll have the opportunity to explore its five planets and six moons. Here is a list of the planets and their respective moons:

  • Lumos
  • Polvo
  • Cantra
  • Prax
  • Hillex

If you’re looking for something interesting in Valo, Polvo is the planet to focus on. This is where you’ll find HopeTown and HopeTech, crucial locations in your quest for the Freestar Collective. While the other planets may not be as intriguing, they still offer opportunities for exploration.

We hope this guide has made your space exploration in Starfield a little easier. If you need more assistance or information about Starfield, be sure to check out PC Invasion for further resources.