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The Red Fox and the Black Cat: Allies or Enemies in Krat

The Red Fox and the Black Cat are a pair of siblings that players will encounter in the game Krat. Depending on the choices made, they can either become valuable allies or formidable enemies. The crucial decision that determines the outcome of the game revolves around accepting or rejecting the Red Fox’s offer. So, which option should players choose?

Meet the Red Fox and Black Cat

In the game Lies of P, the Red Fox and the Black Cat are two characters who share a strong bond as siblings. They belong to a faction known as Stalkers, a group dedicated to hunting down and eliminating P. These characters provide interesting interactions throughout the game.

The Red Fox is a friendly non-playable character (NPC) who plays various roles in the game’s questlines. On the other hand, the Black Cat is a more affable NPC. However, players also have the option to engage in battles against them as mini-bosses as they progress through the game.

The Red Fox possesses impressive combat skills and utilizes a diverse range of weapons and abilities, including a grappling hook and a deadly poison mist. The Black Cat excels in both close-range and long-range combat.

The relationship between the Red Fox and the Black Cat is complex, characterized by both love and conflict. They share a deep bond as siblings, but their different personalities and objectives often lead to tension. The Red Fox is known for her ruthless determination, while the Black Cat leans towards compassion and hesitates when it comes to taking lives.

Red Fox’s Request

When players meet the enigmatic Red Fox and Black Cat in the Malum District, they are given the option to help them on a request. This decision significantly impacts the gameplay and the game’s narrative. There are two outcomes based on the player’s choices.

Accepting Red Fox’s Offer

By accepting Red Fox’s request, players align themselves with the Red Fox and the Black Cat, becoming their allies. They accompany players through the level and assist in battling the Black Bandit Brotherhood. This choice sets players on a path to befriend the Red Fox and the Black Cat.

By cooperating and maintaining a positive relationship with them, players can potentially avoid fighting them near the end of the game. If they consider players as friends, they may request items instead of engaging in combat. Their support in battles can be invaluable, especially against tough enemies or bosses.

Refusing Red Fox’s Offer

If players decline Red Fox’s offer, the interaction ends, and they continue their journey independently. This refusal makes the Red Fox and the Black Cat more antagonistic towards players and leads to alternative narrative outcomes. The Red Fox and the Black Cat will not join players on their journey, and players will continue through the level without their assistance.

The decision to refuse Red Fox’s offer may influence the attitudes and behaviors of the Red Fox and the Black Cat in subsequent encounters. They may view players differently due to their choice to reject the offer.

When players encounter the Red Fox and the Black Cat close to the end of the game, they will face them as boss battles. These fights can be challenging but manageable if players have upgraded their characters fully.

Choosing to Accept or Reject the Offer

The main consideration when deciding whether to accept or reject the offer is whether players want to fight the siblings or not. In general, accepting the request is the best choice for a more feel-good ending. Helping out the siblings prevents players from being forced to kill them in the end. Players will skip their boss fights altogether, and the siblings will reward them after receiving the Golden Coin Fruit.

However, declining the offer is still a valid option for players seeking a more challenging encounter. If they choose to be antagonistic against the Red Fox and the Black Cat, players will face them separately. These boss fights can be difficult, but as long as players have upgraded their characters fully, victory is guaranteed.

Rewards for Accepting or Rejecting Red Fox’s Request

The overall rewards for accepting or rejecting the request are the same, which players receive after completing the Red Fox Black Cat questline. The Red Fox Hat and the Black Cat Mask are cosmetic items that do not provide any additional stats.

Completing the Red Fox Questline After Accepting the Request

The actual questline begins in Chapter 5, where the request is placed. Throughout Chapters 7 and 11, players will have new encounters with the Red Fox and the Black Cat, and their interactions will differ depending on the choices made.

Encounter in the Malum District (Chapter 5)

Players will encounter the Red Fox and the Black Cat in the Malum District near the first stargazer. The Red Fox will request assistance in raiding the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. Players have the option to accept or refuse this offer.

If players accept, the Red Fox and the Black Cat become temporary allies. They assist players in combat as they progress towards the Black Rabbit hideout building. After completing the task, players can return to them for additional dialogue before they eventually disappear.

If players refuse, this encounter will not occur, and players will continue through the level without their assistance. The refusal will have consequences later in the game.

Meeting at the Grand Exhibition (Chapter 7)

In Area VII, the Grand Exhibition, players will have another encounter with the Red Fox and the Black Cat near the monorail. During this interaction, they reveal more about themselves.

The Black Cat will request a Gold Coin Fruit, and players will have the option to give it to him. If players choose to give him the fruit, both the Red Fox and the Black Cat will express gratitude. The Red Fox will reward players with the Quixotic vinyl record and the Beg gesture.

If players don’t have the fruit or choose not to give it, the Red Fox and the Black Cat will plead for it, and players will still have the option to provide one. However, if players progress to the next area without giving them the fruit, the Red Fox and the Black Cat will move on, considering the refusal.

To maintain a positive relationship with them but lack a Gold Coin Fruit, it’s advisable to return to the Gold Coin Tree in Hotel Krat to acquire one before continuing.

Encounter in Arche Abbey Outer Wall (Chapter 11)

In Area XI and at the Arche Abbey, players will separately encounter both the Black Cat and the Red Fox. If players did not help them earlier, both characters will become boss fights that players need to defeat to continue.

However, if players assisted them in the Malum District and gave the Black Cat a Gold Coin Fruit during the Grand Exhibition, they can avoid these boss fights. If the Black Cat considers players a friend, he will ask for another Gold Coin Fruit instead of fighting. Giving him the fruit allows players to avoid his boss battle and earn the Black Cat Mask as a reward.

Shortly after, players will meet the Red Fox again. If she also considers players a friend and they spared the Black Cat, she will request one more Gold Coin Fruit and present players with the Red Fox Mask.