Remedy’s Max Payne Remakes Are ‘A Big, Big Project’ Says Creative Director Sam Lake

Ahead of the highly anticipated release of Alan Wake 2, Remedy Entertainment’s creative director Sam Lake discussed the immense task of remaking the beloved Max Payne games for modern platforms. In a recent interview, Lake acknowledged that bringing these iconic third-person shooters up to modern standards is a “big, big project” for the company.

In the interview, Lake briefly discussed the significance of the Max Payne remakes and their challenge of catering to modern audiences and hardware. While Remedy Entertainment hasn’t revealed many details about the remakes, CEO Tero Virtala previously mentioned that production has been progressing well.

The interview also addressed Remedy’s approach to balancing sequels and original IP in future projects. Despite the focus on sequels like Alan Wake 2 and the Max Payne remakes, Remedy remains committed to creating new content. Lake emphasized that upcoming titles such as Vanguard demonstrate the company’s dedication to expanding its Remedy Connected Universe, showcasing a diverse range of games.

While the release of the Max Payne remakes may still be on the horizon, Remedy Entertainment has an impressive lineup of games in development to keep players satisfied. Alongside Alan Wake 2 and the co-op PVE shooter Vanguard, the studio is actively working on two new entries in the Control franchise. With a wide variety of games across different genres, fans of Remedy’s unique style and substance can look forward to an exciting lineup of titles for years to come.