The Pokémon Company apologizes and blames “overwhelming demand” for its Van Gogh collab stock issues

The Pokémon Company is addressing the issue of scalpers quickly buying up all the limited edition items from its Pokémon x Van Gogh Museum collection. The company recognizes the “overwhelming demand” and apologizes to fans who missed out on purchasing. They assure fans that they are actively working on restocking the items and will provide updates at a later date.

Across its social media channels, the company stated, “We apologize for all the fans eagerly awaiting our Pokémon Center x Van Gogh Museum release today. Due to overwhelming demand, all our products from this collection have sold out. We understand this is disappointing to many who were looking to our official email and social media channels for guidance on how and when to purchase. We are actively working on ways to provide more Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat promo cards for fans shopping at Pokémon Center in the future. Details will be released at a later date.”

The company’s response, however, hasn’t been enough to ease the disappointment, especially since scalpers are already selling the free promo cards for hundreds of dollars on eBay. One fan expressed their frustration, saying, “This is complete utter bullsh*t. I spent 36 hours and ended up with a bunch of error codes and it telling me to remove the item. I can’t f*cking stand the way this has gone. Three different times… I had an item in my cart… Yesterday, the Sunflora canvas got lucky on refreshing, this morning the Eevee figure from a link on Twitter, then the moment the store opened up today. I tried like 5 times to get the pins in my cart, it refused. I ended up trying for the journal. After I start to fill out shipping information, it loads me to the cart and says I need to remove OOS items to finish. I do that, go back to the store just to find nothing. What a sh*t show.”

The Pokémon Company has not provided a specific timeframe for the restock of the promotional items but promised to share more information in the future.

On a related note, did you know that Toronto retail worker sold a rare Magic: The Gathering card to musician Post Malone for $2 million? Brook Trafton, who discovered the rare card earlier this year, had his “childhood dream” come true when Post Malone expressed interest in buying it. Trafton, who sought legal and public relations assistance, was contacted by Post Malone’s representatives for a meeting to see the card in person. Trafton couldn’t contain his emotions, saying, “He’s like: ‘Yes, I will take this card’. It was so magical. I’m not going to lie. I cried a little bit. I cried a lot.”

What makes this card special is that it is from Magic: The Gathering’s Lord of the Rings set and is completely unique, making it one of the rarest finds in the game. Moreover, the card is in perfect mint condition.

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