Minecraft’s latest mob vote reveals choice number one: the crab

This year’s MineCon Live is just around the corner, and Mojang is gearing up for its annual mob vote. So far, the first choice has been revealed to be the crab.

The mob vote in Minecraft allows players to collectively decide on a new creature to be added to the game. In the past, this has resulted in the introduction of creatures like the Glow Squid, Panda, Phantom, Llama, and Sniffer. Now, players have the opportunity to vote for the crab to join the lineup.

According to Mojang’s animated video introducing the crab, if it secures the first place, players will be able to find it in the mangrove swamp biome. The crab also comes with a unique ability – its crab claw. Once obtained, players can place blocks further away than usual, making it a useful feature for builders.

Inroducing the crab!

Two more mystery mob candidates will be revealed soon for players to consider. The voting period will begin on Friday, 13th October at 6pm UK time/1pm EDT and will conclude on Sunday, 15th October at 6:15pm UK time/1:15pm EDT.

Minecraft Live, the event itself, will be streamed on YouTube at 6pm UK time/1pm EDT on Sunday, 15th October. During the stream, the results of the mob vote will be announced. Mojang has also promised exciting news and updates about Minecraft and its action-strategy spin-off, Minecraft Legends.