Super Adventure Hand Review (Switch eShop)

3D platformers have seen a resurgence in recent years, with unconventional entries making a big impact. Demon Turf boasted a mesmerizing hand-drawn 2D art style, Tinykin had players exploring household environments while controlling a miniature army, and Snake Pass challenged gamers to navigate as a snake without jumping. Super Adventure Hand joins the ranks of these offbeat 3D platformers and, while it may not be exceptional, its eccentric nature makes it worth a try.

The adventure kicks off with the eponymous hand taking a stroll through the forest when it is suddenly attacked by the villainous feet. Knocked unconscious, the hand wakes up to find its arm missing, stolen by the feet. Thus begins a quest across hand-themed worlds to reclaim the stolen arm, all while collecting mugs that somehow assist in this endeavor.

Super Adventure Hand follows the formula of a 3D platformer, but with a strange twist. The levels are relatively straightforward, featuring familiar elements like fire traps, rotating platforms, and fans. However, the challenge lies in controlling the unwieldy hand, which moves in unexpected ways. Trying to comprehend the unusual physics governing the hand’s movements reminded us of Snake Pass and its unique approach to platforming.

The game’s humorous peculiarity aside, controlling the hand can sometimes lead to frustration. There are instances where an attempted leap to a distant platform results in one of the fingers pushing off at an awkward angle, sending the hand plummeting into the depths and requiring a respawn earlier in the level. While these mishaps don’t ruin the overall enjoyment of the short and relatively easy game, the quirky controls can become tiresome over time.

To enhance replayability, players can hunt for hidden thimbles scattered throughout each level. Collecting these thimbles unlocks cosmetic options such as watches, rings, and nail polish to customize the hand’s appearance. Additionally, each level can be completed in a time attack mode to earn up to three thumbs up based on speed, providing a skill-based challenge for those seeking mastery. Acquiring all collectibles and meeting the time requirements demands dexterity and offers a rewarding skill ceiling for quick-fingered players.

Visually, Super Adventure Hand opts for simplicity, but the game’s charm lies in the strangely repulsive sensation of observing a disembodied hand scurrying, tickling its way up walls and across platforms. The fingers move independently and contort to match the terrain, creating an almost rubbery texture as the hand desperately clings to surfaces. It’s an uncanny and disturbing sight, yet watching the hand in motion consistently remains one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game.

Kudos to Devm Games (known for Moving Out) for conceiving such a concept. Super Adventure Hand is a delightful and eccentric platformer that offers a unique gameplay experience. Despite the occasional frustrations with its controls, that’s precisely the essence of this brief yet oddly captivating adventure.