Ahsoka: Episode 8 Review – IGN

This review contains full spoilers for episode eight of Ahsoka, now available to watch on Disney+.

Rick Famuyiwa Delivers Another Excellent Episode in Ahsoka Finale

The season finale of Ahsoka, titled “The Jedi, the Witch, and the Warlord,” delivers big moments and well-developed plots that will have major repercussions for the galaxy. Director Rick Famuyiwa proves once again why he is the most consistently excellent director of live-action Star Wars television.

Tension and Time Running Out

When Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen) pointed out in the previous episode that Ahsoka and her allies are running out of time, the tension builds in the finale. The race to stop Thrawn from escaping his exile is palpable. Mikkelsen’s methodical and cool delivery continues to impress, portraying Thrawn’s growing concern with just a clench of his jaw. Thrawn never underestimates the capabilities of the heroes and makes a formidable villain.

The episode also includes quieter moments of growth and reconciliation. Eman Esfandi captures the humor and swagger of Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels as he engages in a humorous conversation with Huyang (David Tennant) about lightsaber construction. The conversation quickly turns tender as Ezra seeks to learn more about his lost master and Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) tries to reconcile with hers. Ahsoka’s forgiveness feels natural and earned, reflecting her personal growth.

Tough Decisions and Big Fights

In the season finale, both sides of the conflict must make tough decisions. Huyang manages to get Ahsoka’s shuttle working just in time to rescue her and Sabine. Tennant convincingly delivers a heartbreaking moment as he tells Ahsoka not to wait for him. Sabine learns the lesson about sticking together with her master, leaving behind her brother to fight alongside Ahsoka.

Thrawn manages to escape, which is consistent with Star Wars’ willingness to end on a big loss for the heroes. The fight scenes are impressive, with Ahsoka using her training from Anakin and coordinating attacks with Ezra and Sabine. The use of Nightsister necromancy provides a dramatic moment, and the risen Night Troopers add a creepy touch to the battle. Morgan Elsbeth’s rematch against Ahsoka showcases her fluid fighting style.

Ahsoka’s encouragement leads to Sabine’s full potential being unlocked, emphasizing trust in the Force. The verbal sparring between Ezra and Sabine during the fighting reflects their established familial dynamic from Rebels. The finale ends with a sweet reunion between Ezra and Hera Syndulla, as well as the revelation of Thrawn’s grand plan to raise a zombie army on Dathomir.

Seeds of Hope and Cosmic Struggles

While Thrawn gets away, there are seeds of hope for the future. Baylan Skoll’s grand plan to break the cycle of conflict between the light and dark side remains unfinished. Ahsoka’s encounter with Morai hints at the cosmic struggle yet to come. The appearance of Anakin, watching over his former apprentice, provides an emotional moment that showcases the deep bond between them.