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Choosing the Right Monetisation Strategy for Mobile RPGs

Monetising a mobile game can be a complex process, especially in today’s ever-changing landscape. Developers need to ensure that they generate a steady revenue stream and get the most value out of their players. In this post, we will explore how to maximise ad monetisation in a mobile RPG, with valuable insights from Anton Kvashnevskiy, Head of Business Development and Ad Monetisation at Nexter.

Unity Economics and Balancing In-Game Currency

At the foundation of any successful mobile game are solid financials. To maximise monetisation, developers must have a comprehensive understanding of their expected unit economics. How much will you spend per player? How much do you expect them to generate? These are important questions to consider.

Additionally, it is crucial to balance in-game currency with real-life currency. Your in-game currency should have a permanent exchange rate with real-world currencies. This ensures that the game remains balanced and engaging for players.

Monetisation Strategies for Mobile RPGs

There are two main types of monetisation methods for mobile gaming: in-app purchases and ads. The distribution of these methods depends on the genre and characteristics of each game. RPG titles typically rely on in-app purchases for 50-100% of their revenue, while ad monetisation averages between 0-50%. However, there is no set blueprint, as some games run solely on ads while others have none at all. The monetisation strategy varies depending on the game’s target audience.

RPGs, Rewarded Videos, and Offerwalls

When it comes to mobile ads, developers should consider them as a monetisation channel similar to in-app purchases. In the case of RPG titles, popular ad formats include Rewarded Videos and Offerwalls. These ad formats do not interrupt gameplay and provide players with an additional way to earn in-game items and power-ups. By offering a value exchange, these ad formats enhance player engagement and retention.

Players see rewarded videos and Offerwalls as a fair value exchange, as they can receive something valuable within the game in return for watching an ad or completing an offer. Implementing these ad formats can create a positive attitude and association with the ads.

Finding the Balance

While ad monetisation can enhance player experience, it is important to strike a balance between monetisation and user satisfaction. Excessive use of rewarded video ads can negatively impact the overall gaming experience, and competition offers may drive users away from the game. Developers must carefully implement and consider the frequency, rewards offered, and offer/exchange rate for Offerwalls to maintain a positive relationship with players.

Maximising Monetisation: Nexters’ Approach

At Nexters, we have been developing our in-game ad monetisation strategies for several years, constantly improving them to meet market trends. We primarily use rewarded videos and Offerwalls as our main ad placements. These formats help us strike a balance between player engagement, game enjoyment, and a positive brand perception.

Rewarded videos provide players with a clear value exchange, as they are rewarded for interacting with an ad. These videos benefit both advertisers, who gain exposure to their target markets, and developers, who see increased revenue, user engagement, and retention.

Diversity and variety are crucial for optimal user experience. Repeating advertisements can lead to ad blindness and render them useless. Mediation platforms like ironSource, Google AdMob, and AppLovin help manage multiple demand sources, ensuring there is always an appropriate and valuable ad to show.

Offerwalls are another effective ad format, acting as mini-stores with offers within apps. Players can complete various tasks, such as level completion or app registration, in exchange for in-app rewards. These ad formats are user-initiated, providing players with a convenient channel to earn additional in-app currency.

Steps to Maximise Your Monetisation

1. Experiment and Analyse

Conduct A/B testing to determine what monetisation strategies work best for your game. Test different exchange rates for Offerwalls and analyse the impact on revenue and player engagement. Remember to compare different mediation platforms to ensure a variety of offers for players.

2. Choose the Right Ad Placement

Placement is key to maximising the effectiveness of ads. Find strategic moments in the game where players would benefit from rewards or resources. By placing ads at these moments, players will view them as useful rather than annoying.

By following these steps and implementing effective monetisation strategies, developers can maximise revenue, user engagement, and retention in their mobile RPGs.