Fair Play Review – IGN

Fair Play is now available for streaming on Netflix.

The Unexpected Thrills of Fair Play

At first glance, Fair Play may seem like a run-of-the-mill erotic drama about a couple hiding their engagement. However, this film takes a thrilling turn, delving into fractured egos and complex power dynamics. Written and directed by Chloe Domont, Fair Play is an intense and captivating experience that may be a bit overwhelming at times, but is ultimately satisfying. The fearless performances of the lead actors keep the audience engaged throughout.

A Unique Love Story

The story introduces us to Luke (played by Alden Ehrenreich) and Emily (played by Phoebe Dynevor) at a family wedding, where an unexpected yet funny series of events unfold. Their chemistry and charm are evident, even in unconventional circumstances. The next morning, they both head to their corporate jobs as analysts at a ruthless hedge fund, maintaining a professional facade in the office.

A Twist of Fate

When a coveted position opens up, Luke is rumored to be the next in line. However, Emily unexpectedly receives the promotion instead after a late-night meeting with their intimidating boss, Campbell (portrayed by Eddie Marsan). This sudden shift creates tension and reveals the cracks in their relationship. Luke struggles to support Emily while dealing with his own wounded ego.

A Grip on Reality

The film initially struggles with finding its focus during silent moments, but it quickly picks up pace and intensity. As their personal and professional lives intertwine, resentment builds, and the stakes become higher than ever. Fair Play successfully captures the clash between the couple’s public and private lives, where secrecy threatens their careers and fortunes.

Complex Characters

Phoebe Dynevor delivers a strong performance as Emily, navigating the cutthroat world of Wall Street with caution and allure. However, the film occasionally falls short in fully developing her character, relying more on external influences. In contrast, Alden Ehrenreich’s portrayal of Luke is captivating, simmering with silent tension and building towards an explosive culmination.

Thrilling and Intense

Fair Play skillfully uses sound design to enhance the tension, creating a palpable atmosphere that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The film explores the power of words and the destructive consequences of miscommunication within a relationship. It delves into the blurred lines of bedroom dynamics, adding an extra layer of intrigue.

A Remarkable Debut

Despite its somewhat didactic ending, Fair Play stands out as a unique and complex Hollywood thriller where the stakes are deeply personal. Chloe Domont’s directorial debut showcases her talent for escalating tension and creating a captivating narrative. It’s safe to say that Domont is a filmmaker to watch in the future.