Loki season 2 post-credits scene takes Sylvie to Marvel’s Broxton, Oklahoma

You never know when a Marvel or even Star Wars TV show is going to surprise fans with a post-credits scene, and Loki’s season 2 premiere episode is no exception.

What’s exciting about this particular scene is its homage to a beloved era of Thor comics when Asgard had a different portrayal compared to the MCU. Let’s delve into the details of Loki’s new credits scene with insights from Loki executive producer Kevin Wright. [Ed. note: This piece contains spoilers for Loki season 2, episode 1.]

Reintroduction of Sylvie

In this brief scene, Sylvie, the rogue Loki variant who played a central role in Loki season 1, is reintroduced to viewers. After killing He Who Remains in the previous season’s finale, she has successfully escaped. The scene shows Sylvie stepping out of a time door in Broxton, Oklahoma, as indicated by the chyron. She then enters a McDonald’s and expresses her satisfaction, stating that she wants to try everything.

Broxton, Oklahoma in Marvel Comics

Broxton is a real town located in Oklahoma. However, in the world of Marvel Comics, it was prominently featured in Thor stories during the 2000s and early 2010s. This time period marked the aftermath of Ragnarok, which had wiped out the Asgardians. Thor had just returned from the void and discovered that the spirits of his people had been reborn as humans with no memory of their divine origins. Seeking to reunite with them, Thor chose Broxton as a base since he arrived near the town’s borders. He summoned Asgard’s capital city to hover above Broxton, creating a unique relationship between the Asgardians and the town’s inhabitants. This arrangement lasted from Thor #1 in 2007 until Thor: God of Thunder #24 in 2014, when the Asgardians were forced to leave by an evil billionaire who purchased the entire town and aimed to provoke Thor.

Interestingly, the Sylvie character in Loki on Disney Plus has a connection to Broxton as well. Her comic book counterpart was a resident of Broxton, although the details of their relationship are complex.

Sylvie’s Purpose in Broxton

At the very least, it seems that Sylvie desires a meal from McDonald’s while in Broxton. Regarding this choice, Kevin Wright, executive producer of Loki season 2, explained to Polygon that it serves as a fan tribute and connects to Sylvie’s background. He stated, “It felt fortuitous, in a sense, that as we were looking to tell the story of where Sylvie went after leaving the Citadel at the end of time, that she would be really intrigued by a normal life, a small life, something quiet, a town where she could make friends and do [this normal thing]. Would she stay there forever? Who knows? But I think that would be intriguing; [if you were] somebody who grew up in apocalypses, you might go, I want to go see the opposite of that, a quiet, sleepy town. And Broxton is 100% that.”

What Lies Ahead for Broxton, Oklahoma?

Will Sylvie’s stay in Broxton be short-lived or long-term? To find out, we’ll need to continue watching Loki season 2.