New Redfall Update Finally Brings Performance Mode, Stealth Takedowns, And More

Developer Arkane Studios’ multiplayer vampire shooter Redfall launched earlier this year to mixed reviews from both critics and players. However, the game’s latest update brings some exciting improvements, including the long-awaited Performance Mode for Xbox Series X/S.

Performance Mode Arrives

Redfall initially launched with a 30 FPS Quality Mode on Xbox Series X/S, leaving players anticipating the arrival of a Performance Mode. Now, nearly six months later, that day has finally come. Performance Mode is now live in Redfall, allowing players to experience the game at 60 FPS.

New Features and Enhancements

The update also brings several highly requested features and improvements to the game. One of the standout additions is the implementation of stealth takedowns, which add a new level of strategy to the gameplay. Additionally, the update includes enhancements in multiplayer communication, more accessibility options, and various other improvements.

Here is a full rundown of everything included in today’s Redfall update:

Performance and Stability

  • Enabled Performance Mode on Xbox Series X|S.
  • Improved PC performance and stability across different hardware configurations.
  • Addressed various memory crashes and graphical corruption issues.

User Interface

  • Improved tooltips for weapons with silencers, indicating their “silent” state.
  • Added indicators for vaulting and mantling surfaces in the HUD.
  • Better differentiation between main missions and optional missions in the Mission Briefing Table.
  • Various improvements to compass markers and objective search areas.


  • Updates to screen narration for multiplayer lobby state changes and text entry field support.
  • Improved navigational control in menus and narration support for game invites and friend request notifications.


  • Aim-Assist and Dead Zone tuning improvements, providing more customization options for both controllers and keyboard/mouse.
  • Tweaks to default aim-assist settings for different playstyles.
  • New Vampire Nest spawns in specific areas and increased open-world enemy population.
  • Added stealth takedowns for unaware enemies.


  • Enhanced combat balancing and enemy repositioning to avoid friendly fire.
  • Improved behaviors and engagement of enemies.
  • Reticle visibility improvements and adjustments to sights and silencer barrels.


  • Added references to specific districts in the map and improvements in lighting and visual fidelity.
  • Enhanced visual effects for various elements, including psychic space butterflies and water effects.


  • Introduced player indicators and markers for multiplayer sessions, as well as unique co-op ping colors.
  • Improved player ping visibility and achievements specific to multiplayer sessions.

These are just some of the highlights from today’s massive Redfall update. To learn more about the game and read a review from Game Informer, be sure to check out their article. Redfall continues to evolve and improve, providing a thrilling multiplayer experience for players to sink their teeth into.