No FIFA, No Problem: EA Sports FC 24 Starts Better Than Last Year, EA Says

Electronic Arts (EA) has recently released new launch statistics for their latest game, EA Sports FC 24. Contrary to some expectations, the game’s decision to drop the FIFA name did not have a negative impact on player attraction. In fact, the game managed to impressively reach over 11.3 million players in its first week, including those who had played the game through EA Play without purchasing it. For comparison, FIFA 23 had gathered 10.3 million players in the same time frame.

EA additionally confirmed that FC Mobile, a mobile version of the game, achieved a remarkable 2.2 million downloads on its launch day. Over the course of the game’s first 10 days on the market, it was able to attract 11.2 million players. These numbers are certainly impressive and demonstrate the popularity of the game.

It is worth noting that the absence of the FIFA name did not hinder the success of EA Sports FC 24. EA and FIFA ended their partnership due to FIFA’s request for a $1 billion licensing fee to use the FIFA name. However, EA Sports FC 24 did not necessarily rely on the FIFA brand, as the game already had strong licensing arrangements with various football leagues, players, and communities. This ensured that the essential elements of the game remained intact.

According to EA Sports president Cam Weber, EA Sports FC 24 was able to not only retain its existing fan base but also attract new players. In fact, the game saw a nearly 20% rise in new players. To further incentivize players, anyone who plays EA Sports FC 24 before November 1st will unlock FC Founder benefits, which include exclusive in-game items and content for the Ultimate Team mode. Similarly, those who play EA Sports FC Mobile before November 30th will receive a Founders Pack with a variety of in-game items.

However, it is necessary to acknowledge that EA Sports FC 24 has faced some criticism. Players have voiced their concerns regarding the game’s $30 Ultimate Team loot box, which is a source of revenue through microtransactions and loot boxes, a common practice in EA’s sports games. Despite this, the game has proven to be a success in terms of player engagement.

Overall, the release of EA Sports FC 24 has shown that the lack of the FIFA name has not hindered the game’s success. The impressive number of players during the first week and the positive response from both existing and new players signifies a strong start. As the game continues to attract players, it will be interesting to see how it further develops and evolves in the coming months.